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  1. I'm a newborn when it comes to modding. How does one go about updating a mod? I know how to install one, but I figure if I just delete and reinstall then that may have some adverse effect on the craft that I've built using the mod. How do I properly update a mod?
  2. Sorry for only partially related reply, but forums won't let me post a new thread from my phone. With KAS, I can't seem to use the Strut End Point on my space station orbiting Kerbin. I EVA and right click on it but I don't get any options; no response at all. Anyone know why that might be?
  3. I feel bad, I don't know how to add a screenshot from the screenshot folder. I can only find the "add a picture from a URL" option in the forum's reply window.
  4. I've tried right clicking both the lab and the experiment, neither seem to be the solution
  5. I removed the data and am still unable to clean any experiments. Is it because my experiments are docked to the Mobile Processing Lab rather than being attached to it? Also, although my lab is fully manned, the space station (which has the lab) command pod and the lander (which has my inoperable experiments) command pod are both unmanned. Is this the problem?
  6. I have docked a lander to a space station that has a Mobile Processing Lab. I removed data from Goo Canisters and Materials Bays that are part of the lander. I am now unable to clean the Canisters and Materials Bays. The Lab is fully manned with 2 Kerbals. Neither of the command modules (the one for the space station or the one for the lander) are manned, is this the problem? Do the command modules for either one (or both) need to be manned? Or is there something that I'm just not clicking properly?
  7. How many seconds, minutes, or hours long is nighttime on Duna?