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  1. I'm guessing the 'null' on the autostart line is the problem. What should I change to fix it?
  2. Like this? Because this runs for like 2 seconds and disappears. I'm guessing the access pathway is blocking it. I go to the path and 'null' autostart instance is there. Is that the problem?
  3. I click CKAN to run it, and it runs for a second and just quits. Does it for numerous versions.
  4. On a clean non modded KSP install and a Glenn CKAN install, I keep getting crashes.Just says there was a problem and goes away. Been having problem with CKAN since 1.10.1
  5. Yeah, I figured that out last night. Thank you for responding though.
  6. Playing in 1.8.1 . Is there a way to leave everything the same; but just randomly change the angles of the planets on loadout? Eve, Duna, Jool and the like have the same orbits and apogee and perogee , just change the place or angle in orbit when the game starts.
  7. Playing in 1.8.1. Have had the mod installed with no problem before; but had to do clean install. Now hangs on Hanger/parts/bighanger/hanger2 Any Ideas? Looked around and no help. Is there another mod that messes with this?
  8. Was wondering if there was a way, when starting a new game, the angle of all the planets could be random. Don't want to change the planets orbits, like moving EVE to where Jool is and the like. Every time a new game starts, all the planets are the in the same place.
  9. Have actual fuels and stock alike (or ability to change color) and I'm in...
  10. I load a ship from VAB; and the game hangs and crashes every time. Checked the task manager and memory doesn't spike or go over 50% I have mods; but have had no problem before about a week ago. Also have verified files at least 3 times this week. Any ideas? P.S. am playing version 1.8.0... Also, can anyone explain what to search in the crash file so I can figure it out? I can open it, but don't know what I am looking for. Thanks.
  11. I have USI. Is that an issue? https://www.dropbox.com/home?preview=Main+Save.sfs
  12. I've looked around and can't find the problem I am having. Jeb is a workaholic and did a Mun walk. He gets tired and becomes a tourist. He gets back to KSC and a week later he is still a tourist. Will I ever get my Jeb back?
  13. Having an issue I think this mod might be the problem. I launch a rocket and the engine shuts off 1 second later. Doing it manually, it launches fine. Haven't looked in the text wall. I there something I dont know?
  14. Haven't Played in a while and now when the game loads up, it gets to Squad/Parts/Electrical/1x6ShroudSolarPanels and quits loading. Would Near Future Electrical do that?
  15. I’ve been wondering the same thing. That with a life support mod, and you have to build a monster ship just to get 3 Kerbals there much less back. Needs a ‘hospital’ module that helps with the health concerns.
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