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  1. Fr8monkey

    [1.6] Kerbal Health 1.3.4 (2018-12-21)

    Sweet! Another must have mod for my collection. You rule!
  2. Fr8monkey

    [1.6] Kerbal Health 1.3.4 (2018-12-21)

    played with mod a bit before. is it possible to turn off the radiation part. love the rest...
  3. US II is going to have the science to fit those parts. I don't think the original ones are compatable.
  4. May need to click on scanner and send report before it shows up...
  5. Need to be in a polar orbit. 90° incline. is that the issue?
  6. I'm playing 1.4 2, and it works there...
  7. Copy and paste mistake. Won't let me fix it...
  8. Where do you place it to cause the most mayhem? The Crucifixion?
  9. Fr8monkey

    [1.5.x] Decoupler Shroud

    That didn't take long...
  10. Sorry if this was answered already, but I am playing 1.2.2 and have the proper version loaded. I can't do a crew transfer when docked. Is the docking ports broke somehow?
  11. Fr8monkey

    1.3.1 crash

    I put them all in through CKAN... Will check. Thank you.
  12. Just upgraded from 1.2.2 now that mods are updated. Here is a crash log. Might be Orbital Survey Plus, but I deleted and still shows up.
  13. Has a real 1950's sci-fi movie feel to it... Nice!
  14. Using navball docking alignment indicator is a big help. Shows you proper aliment to ship.