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  1. Haven't Played in a while and now when the game loads up, it gets to Squad/Parts/Electrical/1x6ShroudSolarPanels and quits loading. Would Near Future Electrical do that?
  2. I’ve been wondering the same thing. That with a life support mod, and you have to build a monster ship just to get 3 Kerbals there much less back. Needs a ‘hospital’ module that helps with the health concerns.
  3. Good sir, by now you have made 333 posts. only 333 to go!!!

  4. I’m getting the parts. My problem is, those parts can’t be reset by a scientist after use. Posted that problem atleast 3 times and don’t get a response either...
  5. Not to be that guy; but all those things you can get in mods for nothing. I love the game and support it; but $15 for a mod pack that I already have everythng in it loaded in my game?
  6. If you run the experiment, My scientist cant collect it and reset it either from the capsule or IVA. It just says it cannot be removed.
  7. Oh man... sorry to hear you are leaving. Best wishes for the future and I hope things go well for you.
  8. Any word on the science packages not being recycled with a scientist?
  9. Any update on the science experiments ability to be reset?
  10. I’m a moron in general; but can someone put up some pre built ships for use. Everyone I build, even copying the ones on the front page, have the worst aerodynamics. They fly like a brick. Thanks.
  11. Another thing I’ve noticed is even with a scientist on your craft, the science experiments aren’t resetting themselves.