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    Fuel Tank Mass Ratio - Something seems off

    It is not really breaking news that most of the parts are unbalanced. And I'm not even talking about physicless parts....
  2. Gambi

    The Rocket Printing Hype Train Thread

    Cannot wait to print this. Glorious craft, glorious bugs.
  3. Hi all. I recently stumbled upon this set of screenshots of Kerbal Edu, KSP for schools and such. I am wondering why all these features aren't in stock KSP: - Design helper - Mission Editor - Flight recorder I'm sure there is a good reason for this, if there isn't I'm sure the developers would kindly consider integrating these features in stock KSP? Mustn't be too hard since it's already working in the Edu build. Anyone else would like to enjoy these features?
  4. Gotta love the new buildings! Didn't somebody in the QA team see that? Or just didn't care?
  5. If it ever cames out. With this update rate our grandchildren will be enjoying .25
  6. I shouldnt have included forum mods as the qualified people to respond gameplay/development question.
  7. I went to all the pages of this thread, and I'm susprised that: 1) I couldn't find any response from the dev team/community manager/mods Which only confirms that SQUAD doesn't really care about community criticism, and prefers wasting time adding world cup mods than actually fixing what needs to be fixed. 2) the mods haven't locked this thread yet usually, any thread with criticism of the game, the develoment process or the lack of communication from the dev team gets locked in a matter of seconds. Concerning the aerodynamics model, why bother having nosecone parts and general aerodynamics parts if these thing go against general logic? And now that C7 left, I don't expect any spaceplane part overhaul before the next ice age (I'm looking at you MkII cockpit IVA), or loading times getting optimized. Before adding new features, it's commons sense to make sure that the core of a game is working properly. And sadly for KSP, this isn't the case. Multiplayer? In a sandbox game? How about figuring out the wobble and fixing the ressources system?
  8. Great news to see some people are working hard to make this game better. Can't wait to see some realism and logic in this game.
  9. That is one very good idea.
  10. This game is in early access. This means we paid for it knowing that it's not finished and we get to participate, in a small level, in its development by providing feedback. Why do you think this forum section even exists? "Suggestion and Development discussion" If what you say is true why SQUAD would bother asking us what do we think about the game and how we would improve it?
  11. Why not providing them the parts necessary for a simple unmanned rocket? It's not like building a nuclear reactor here: SRB + probe core + battery 3 parts. Actually, no you don't even need a battery because the probe core has a (small) battery inside. So, 2 parts. Opposed to : SRB + decoupler + Manned pod + parachute 4 parts. Why people always assume new people are retarded kids who need every step of the game simplified to the max? This is rocket science ! There needs to be a little challenge and realism else it doesn't make any sense.
  12. Tell that to the new guys who are going to kill Jebediah on their first mission. How about a nice mandatory tutorial or even simpler, an animation showing a Kerbal doing a simple maneuver, showing the player that manned flight is possible and to unlock that you need to understand the basic mechanics of the game before putting kerbals in harm's way? That would build player motivation to unlock manned flight and actually enjoy it. Career mode should have a certain amount of logic and balance between realism and the "Kerbal way". And having manned pods before probes is a kick in the face to logic.
  13. Nice way to not talk about the subject and pollute the thread. Please enlighten us with your advice on this subject -snip-
  14. It's not that complicated to understand that a spacecraft needs electricity. It's written in the part description and in the resource monitor. And it could be shown on the first tutorial. Manned pods are supposedly more suitable for now because there isn't any penalty for killing kerbals yet in career mode. When this penalty will be implemented (and I seriously hope it will for the sake of this game) having manned pods first will cause problems for new players because they will kill their beloved cute little green faces on the firsts flights. This is why I say this tech tree hasn't been thought all the way through. So you're basically saying that if the devs do something wrong, we just have to rely on mods to set things right? "Stock resources will blow Kethane out of the water" Oh yeah it sure did.