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  1. I wrote a MM patch adding various tank types to the larger adapters and spines.
  2. Could the adapters and crew tubes have some cargo space added to them? As it is they're rather large, heavy, and mostly empty space. Being able to load them up with life support supplies and other assorted consumables from mods would be great.
  3. Why was the Tritium tank removed from the MIF engine? Suddenly many of my designs need an extra tank added before I launch them again. Also the KJR version bundled with the mod is likely to break things for people running Infernal Robotics Next. It is not compatible.
  4. Does the 1.21.10 for 1.7.2 version work for 1.7.1? Kopernicus is not updated to 1.7.2 yet, so I reckon there's a lot of us that are still waiting for that before we update to 1.7.2.
  5. The ship I'm trying to construct doesn't. The ship I'm trying to build from does though. Testing now. Edit: It Worked! Thanks! I can continue my ships mission now.
  6. I'm also getting lots of those same errors trying to build something in orbit in 1.7.1. The UI breaks after selecting a craft to build.
  7. As the magnetized target reactor has a description saying it's great for SSTO's, can we get a version that actually fits on a plane? (ie. shrunk down a bit and stuffed inside a fuselage section) It's current aerodynamics are not great to say the least.
  8. I was looking through this mods patches for contracts today. I noticed that the patch to add the lab to station contracts adds the cupola module instead. Is this intended? In SSPXR-Contracts.cfg: // 3.75m labs count for contracts @Contracts { @Base { @PART_REQUEST:HAS[#Part[Large.Crewed.Lab]] { Part = sspx-lab-375-1 } } @Station { @PART_REQUEST:HAS[#Part[Large.Crewed.Lab]] { Part = sspx-cupola-375-1 <---------- } } }
  9. I'm having a nasty problem with my electrical systems. The priority system isn't working(or is backwards), so anytime something draws more power than the reactor can provide, I run out of EC and lose control. Also convection based cooling doesn't seem to be functioning.
  10. Uh, the Spacedock download isn't up to date with the latest github release.
  11. I'm seeing the Haber process in the ISRU refinery consume Nitrogen without producing ammonia, because I lack Hydrogen. Also water electrolysis consumes the same amount of power even when there isn't enough water to use even 20% of it's capacity.
  12. Is Methane supposed to be 6.6 times as expensive as LiquidFuel per unit mass?
  13. And... It doesn't seem to do anything. Calculator and config editing it is then.
  14. Shouldn't the resource processors for things like Nitratine and Hydrates have a "ConvertByMass" flag set? They seem to produce far less Nitrogen and Carbon Dioxide than they should.
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