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  1. I'm seeing the Haber process in the ISRU refinery consume Nitrogen without producing ammonia, because I lack Hydrogen. Also water electrolysis consumes the same amount of power even when there isn't enough water to use even 20% of it's capacity.
  2. Is Methane supposed to be 6.6 times as expensive as LiquidFuel per unit mass?
  3. And... It doesn't seem to do anything. Calculator and config editing it is then.
  4. Shouldn't the resource processors for things like Nitratine and Hydrates have a "ConvertByMass" flag set? They seem to produce far less Nitrogen and Carbon Dioxide than they should.
  5. The vessel functioned perfectly normally as far as I can tell, at least aside from the lag that comes with spamming the log constantly. It didn't even have KSPI parts, it was a simple Poodle powered shuttle for my Munbase. Might be a problem with procedural parts' tanks.
  6. I'm getting "ORS - did not find manager for vessel" spammed in the log. I can't tell what is causing it, could you add some more debug info to this line "UnityEngine.Debug.LogWarning("ORS - did not find manager for vessel");" in ORSResourceSuppliableModule.
  7. Some of the tanks in this mod seem to be really expensive. 50k for a 5m tank that holds dirt or metal seems a bit expensive.
  8. Yeah I'm getting a this spammed in my logs as well. I think it started around the time I updated KSPI, it may be related to Interstellar Fuel Switch.
  9. The Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide resource tanks hold more than 100 units undeployed, so they aren't expanded when the module inflates
  10. I'm trying to make a module manager patch to replace supplies in the storage containers with TAC-LS resources, and I've run into a problem with the inflatables. The resource amount is only increased if the base resource amount is less than the inflated multiplier, so the oxygen and carbon dioxide tanks are not expanded when the part inflates. I found the offending line of code in the ExpandResourceCapacity() method in USITools.USIAnimation. Is it keeping anything from breaking?
  11. Is there still an EPL-like ability to construct things in orbit, and if so what parts do I need and where do I click to make it work?
  12. Has anyone else tried to grapple a large asteroid while using this mod and persistent rotation? It's damn near impossible to grab a 3.8 million ton rock that's spinning at a little over 1 rpm.
  13. I put a heavy relay satellite into a polar molniya orbit. Here it is on it's insertion burn: And here it is fully deployed: This should allow full coverage of the entire Outer Planets Mod system.
  14. Keep in mind that at this size a black hole wouldn't so much suck in your ship, as much as blowtorch through it.
  15. Would it be possible to calculate and display the maximum sustainable power output of your reactors and the thrust you can produce with that power? This would allow for estimated burn times that are actually accurate.