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  1. Ah, I do have KJR :$ Must have came with another mod i hastely installed Thanks for the quick reply!
  2. Hi, I tried searching for Feline Utility Rovers KSPedia on Google to figure out why my bellows arent working, but without luck. Could someone provide me the link?
  3. Hi guys, I've been away from KSP for a while and just started playing it again. Reason for posting this is that I believe I'm missing some information, since I do not get clouds on Kerbin. Are there any steps to take to make the game show the clouds? Edit: Turns out I wasnt missing anything, I had one thing too many! Forgot I had rbray's visual enhancement mod installed, so I removed it and all is working beautifully now.
  4. I cant even seem to get to the main menu with MechJeb installed.. Game crashes every time right after loading, removing the MechJeb folder fixes that crash. Too many pages to read trough in this topic, so if there already is a solution to this, could someone please point me to it? 2.3.0 Version ofc, running x64 KSP...
  5. Most useless discussion ever. If you dont like this or do not see the need for this plugin then just move on?
  6. Something in RSS, RO and/or RF in combination with this mod is messing up the game..
  7. If you like, i could try and help you on the textures. Here is a small camera i made and textured, its all I've ever done modelling and texturingwise until now though
  8. I can confirm his bug Sarbian, FAR works fine with the toolbar, the MJ button just does not seem to be willing to make an appearance.
  9. That means you still think the way this mod has been done makes it so it has no potential... And I didnt forget to quote the legal stuffies part, I replaced it with (...) because I already understood you were not talking about the mod being held back by legal issues. Thanks for "But in this case "legal stuffies" (that you forget to quote) isn't jamming anything.", which confirms my suspision.
  10. Errr.... maybe sometimes, but you can be sure: NOT in this case. Not if you keep flaming about it. He might still be learning and by that kind of critisizm, i think i would loose the drive to create something and then share it. Give it suggestions and time instead of saying this has no potential, which is VERY rude!
  11. if (Input.GetKeyDown(keyFire) == true && (vessel.isActiveVessel == true)); if (Input.GetKeyUp(keyFire) == true && (vessel.isActiveVessel == true)); I have no idea what i could change or do differently to stop the "extra" sounds from playing.. Took me 5 hours to get the sound to work in the first place