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  1. SPACE NEWS CAPSULE WARS: THE PRIVATE SECTOR STRIKES BACK The crew rotation mission to Spacelab and the menace to the commercial space industry Thetys 19 on the pad atop its Uhu booster Walter Kermite reporting- Not long after the dust of the KOFTE 3 capsule landing deposited, has the commercial spaceflight industries started to assemble an answer against this menace to one of their major sources of income. The Spacelab operation needs at least 4 flights per year to ensure the rotation of the on orbit crews, or at least it needed that many until now. The assumption
  2. "Mein Führer... I CAN WALK!"
  3. Zodiac 1Mission objectives: Kerballed LKO flight test of the Aries Mod. B, 30 days endurance solo flight Zodiac 2Mission objectives: First flight of the Canopus V super-heavy lift vehicle, test of KDS stage, heatshield test during high speed reentry, deployment of Vaultstone mission to Munar orbit
  4. ... yeah, that's quite silly. Also, ruins most of my plans of publishing large format multi image presentations.
  5. So, uhm. It's just me, or suddenly uploaded images are half the size of what they were before the whole reality shift in the forum?
  6. Munar Surveyor A Mission objectives: Orbital broadband resource scan on Munar surface, operating in conjunction with Munar Surveyor B Munar Surveyor B Mission objectives: Orbital narrow band resource scan on Munar surface, operating in conjunction with Munar Surveyor A
  7. Kerbin Orbit Flight TEst 2Mission objectives: Test of the Aries Mod. A autonomous rendezvous and docking system, test of quiescent docked mode Kerbin Orbit Flight TEst 3 Mission objectives: First kerballed flight of an Aries capsule, test of manual piloting systems, docked endurance test
  8. Booster Separation Test Mission objectives: test of Canopus I aerodynamics, test of first stage vibration damping system. Aries In-Flight Abort Test Mission objectives: Test of the flight abort system of the Aries KEV during max-Q Kerbin Orbit Flight TEst 1 Mission objectives: Test of the Aries Mod. A during 2-orbit flight, flight test of all Aries KEV common hardware and software, re-entry test from LKO
  9. SPACE NEWS “MULTIMILLION DOLLAR FIREWORKS”. BUT IS IT SO? A LOOK INTO CANOPUS I BOOSTER TEST AND THE WORST SIDE OF ACAPELLO’S LEGACY Exploded rendering of the Kerbodyne's Canopus I Crew Launch Vehicle Walter Kermite reporting- Next month the first Zodiac hardware will take to the skies, in the form of the Canopus I booster. Or at least, a part of it. If someone was looking for a demonstration that the KSA is taking seriously the Presidential Science Committee for Space directives, namely to use as much off the shelf hardware and knowledge as possible, it shouldn
  10. A mix of 1 and 3. You don't have the rush of the space race, so take your time. Build a space station, use it to orbitally assemble munar spacecrafts and go there the way Von Braun's intended: with a ridicolous looking space vessel with a hundred brave explorers.
  11. The Zodiac Program (not affiliated with the killer of the same name) So, yeah, Big Rona definitely gave me back the KSP bug, so, what better time to tackle a challenge that I wanted to run since I saw it posted years ago? This will be my entry for the Constellation Space Program Challenge by @Death Engineering, which brought us many, many such wonderful and well thought challenges. This is a project I've been working on for the past weeks, building and testing the various crafts. I've reached a point where I'm confident enough to go public, also because I've actually flown a
  12. Lately I have built some replica crafts, especially for challenges. It's a new way of building for me, following a preexistend design, and is teaching me a lot about creative building. Soviet N1-L3 Moon rocket Soviet Soyuz 7K-LOK lunar spacecraft and LK lunar lander Soviet Luna 17 lander + Lunokhod rover NASA MEM martian lander
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