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  1. I'm having a look at these logs and must admit I don't see where most of the problems are coming from, but I can certainly work on making the code a bit more resilient so it doesn't fail when things like the galaxies systems don't initialise properly.
  2. I'll take a look at those logs when I have some time, probably at the weekend now, I know someone a few pages back had a problem with an older version on module manager causing problems, even though this isn't used in TST. Even if you didn't install module manager some other mods install include so take a good look around and delete all old versions then try to upgrade to the lastest. May not be a fix for everyone but worth checking
  3. Please supply a log, if I can't reproduce your problem (which in this case I can't) then there's nothing I can do to help without seeing a log
  4. Glad to hear you got it working, not sure why module manager would interfere, I don't any of the module manager stuff in my mod? Maybe it didn't like the galaxies stuff?? Woops!!! You weren't supposed to see that yet!!! It is the next part I'm working on, currently does nothing but I must have left it in by accident when I built the latest version....for now it can be safely ignored
  5. I've had a look through the log but it doesn't look like the problem is with TST from an initial look. I would recommend removing all of your mods and adding them one at a time until you find the problem
  6. What's wrong with curse, I'm loathed to upload elsewhere as it's just another step when I want to release a build, and I've had no problems with curse that would particularly want to make me switch.
  7. Latest version 4.5c has now fixed this, it should still be compatible with old saves, but you'll need to enter flight mode on the vessel before trying to recover.
  8. Yes it rotates using I,J,K,L and then you fire it to collect science As I say, if you're transmitting it shouldn't be a problem but for recovery it may be more complex.
  9. 1. The telescope should work in sandbox, is there a particular feature that you were have trouble with? Either way some logs might be helpful. 2. Kerbopolis was/is a bit of an experiment, it's certainly something I want to continue but there are some complexities to procedural city generation that I hadn't considered when I started the project. In its current form generating realistic sized and detailed cities would melt your computer, but there are ways to make it work better.
  10. This is indeed the case, I'll have to look into it. Transmitting the science does seem to keep its value, but recovered science just seems to disappear?!?! My "science storage" implementation is quite different from the stock KSP parts, and so this is most likely the cause of the problems. Hopefully it can be resolved It's on the top of my TODO list
  11. Had a look through the logs and nothing particularly stands out to me. I'll probably need to see if I can recreate it myself, but this is quite a busy couple of weeks for me at work, so it may be a bit slow. @lk1990: I've replied to your PM
  12. When it opens a small window should appear which you can use to control the camera. If you aren't seeing that then you should send me a log.
  13. 4.5b uploaded, best to do a full clean reinstall of Tarsier Space Tech, due to the mixup
  14. Woops!!! Really sorry about this, I switched PC to my laptop and my build script was not quite configured right on it. Uploading the right build now. I've had a look through your log, not sure what could be causing this problem, the TST stuff seems to be loading but not the ChemCam for some reason, no real errors. I did notice a problem with TweakScale_ModularFuelTanks not loading properly, I would check that you've got the latest version for KSP 0.24. Could maybe be caused by the problem above, so try installing v4.5b when it's available EDIT: Grrrr... Curse is being a pain and my file won't upload. I'll try again in the morning or else I'll upload to a different site
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