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  1. You can destroy your ship, by placing landing legs overlapping with the bay doors as they open and close. I found this out after a mission to the Mun, it looked fine, then i went to radar building to get a contract for mun flag, reloaded my kerbal on the mun and watched my ship vibrate itself in several pieces.
  2. I agree with materials bay, it makes all my lander designs ugly.
  3. interesting, guess the centre of mass on yours would be dead centre. One thing i've certainly learnt is that you don't want centre of mass near the bottom of the rocket. Thx for all that replied.
  4. It actually flies quite well, don't need the boosters, main thing is to stick fuel tanks at the top. Makes the fins far more powerful than the drag forces effecting the nose cone. Its very stable. guide i got was for building rockets, granted small bottle rockets, but, i'm sure the principles are the same. Idea is just too have a high centre of mass. was able to make designs go past 300m/s without spinning out of control, at low altitudes.
  5. As you can see from this image, I have used structural fuselage to try and move the heavier fuel tank upwards on the rocket towards the nose cone area. According to a thing i googled on rockets, this should make the rocket far more stable. It said add extra weights, but i couldn't think of how to do that, so I did what i'm showing you now. Please ignore the delta V of the rocket, i just wanted to test it out, and see how it flies. I would like feedback on this kind of design and would appreciate people trying ot build something similar, maybe you can find an easier way to design this. Also designing a rocket with this in mind, does it make it easier for you to fly? I apolgise for this being in genreal discussion, but this is not meant to be a spacecraft showcase, but a design idea, which i think may lead to helping people with new aerodynamics. Feedback appreciated.
  6. I have just tried to do a sat mission, a simple one around kerbin. I am in the corect orbit within about 1k. Degree angle is correct , though it says 180. Strange thing is, my probe is able to alter its orbit by itself, with the engine off, SAS off, me not touching anything. Even thoguh on occasion it settles, the it still shows its not in the correct orbit. Anyone else having this problem? THe probe is just a okto, antenna okto fuel tank and a ant engine, nothing special.
  7. heavy bit on top? feels awkward since, top of a rocket is usually designed to be lighter than the bottom of the rocket, for delta V reasons. Its worth a shot, fidlding time. If anyone has any design suggestions on how to push the centre of mass upwards, plz post them.
  8. So reccomendation would be to change the default value of parachutes to open to at least 1000 metres or 1500 of the ground. solve the early game problem.
  9. Your game, your choice, its not game breaking. Abuse has to include another person or at least yourself. contract doesn't specify what the sat does when its up there, might just take a single picture and move on. Might want to take 5 pictures from 5 different locations, one sat can do that. If it bothers you, make stuff up to fit the story. i repeat again its not game breaking.
  10. I have run into this problem as well. From what I've read, the problem seems to be the centre of mass. When the centre of mass, due to fuel usage moves closer to the middle of your rocket, the more unstable your craft becomes. With my rockets, i am fine for a while, but then a slight nudge and it goes out of control. For this reason, i plan on building much heavier bottoms and taller rockets, to try and get the centre of mass as far down as i can. Might even add structural fuesale to act as a blocker to maintain the mass at the bottom as the fuel dissapears to make it more stable. Not tested these ideas out, but, hopefully we can find a solution together. Having to build my launch rockets much differently now.
  11. For me it was the Mun Landing, i launched two vessals at the same time, with bob and jeb, and valentina and alisha in the other. Had to aerobreak for a long time to renter the atmosphere due to low fuel. Learnt that i can slow myself down by tilting the rocket upwards to the sky, drag effect really works better now. Lost parachutes on 3 attempts but got there in 4. Learnt a few things, got over 800 science, new parts. It was a good step forward. Felt i achieved something.
  12. I just thought, since hes called harvester, should have turned him into a kerbal and had him mining an asterroid or something for 1.0 release I am Harvester Kerbal Finally i now have a drill to harvest with. I thought it was cute
  13. We should have driven the hype train through Harvesters bedroom to wake him up earlier to give us version 1.0