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  1. KvickFlygarn87

    I wont be around for awhile I have some sad news ...

    I am really glad to hear that she's going to get better. Best of luck to both of you in the future. I'm gonna throw a Star Trek reference here now. Live long and prosper. Kvick
  2. KvickFlygarn87

    Mousepad-friendly games

    Well, this thread derailed horribly :/
  3. KvickFlygarn87

    Mousepad-friendly games

    The thing is, my touchpad doesn't scroll in KSP for w/e reason, whoch makes building a massive pain.
  4. KvickFlygarn87

    Mousepad-friendly games

    Well, we call it "musplatta" - or, translated directly, mousepad
  5. KvickFlygarn87

    Mousepad-friendly games

    Ah. I'm neither a native speaker nor an active user of touchpads
  6. KvickFlygarn87

    Mousepad-friendly games

    Hi guys! So I'm currently on vacation and on the evenings I want to have something to do. I tried KSP and Minecraft, but both are incredibly annoying to play on a mousepad. So, any suggestions for good, free, mousepad friendly games or am I stuck on Youtube? EDIT: To clarify, mousepad refers to a laptop mouse thing, not a mouse mat.
  7. KvickFlygarn87

    Put stupid stuff here!

    I hope posting this is OK, if not, a mod can PM me or just tell me here and I'll remove it.
  8. KvickFlygarn87

    Birthday today \o/

    Oh, LOL. On another not, my new PC is now up and running.
  9. KvickFlygarn87

    Guess Who Will Reply Next?

    Nah. I summon KasperVld.
  10. KvickFlygarn87

    Birthday today \o/

    Pardon? On topic, the computer upgrade was a minor flop; first of all, my HDDs won't fit in them atm, a fix is yet to be thought of. Also, it won't even do anything because my 660Ti requires dual power plugs and the power supply only has one that fits. However, my dad, being generally awesome, has a way to fix that.
  11. KvickFlygarn87

    Birthday today \o/

    So, it's my b-day today and I got a new PC with an i7 970 and 12 gigs of 1333MHz RAM. It had an HD6850 gfxcard but I'll keep my ol' trustworthy 660Ti. I'm gonna move all 3 of my disks over and reinstall Windows on my SSD disk. I really felt like sharing my happiness. Happy new year, everyone!
  12. KvickFlygarn87

    Untrue Fact Telling Machine

    42 isn't the answer to life, the universe and everything.
  13. KvickFlygarn87

    Is the this a feature or a bug?

    It shouldn't be blocked by Kerbin if it isn't, well, blocked by Kerbin.
  14. KvickFlygarn87

    Which anti-virus would you recommend?

    I run Avast and Malwarbytes. Also, this could be considered relevant: