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  1. I am really glad to hear that she's going to get better. Best of luck to both of you in the future. I'm gonna throw a Star Trek reference here now. Live long and prosper. Kvick
  2. Well, this thread derailed horribly :/
  3. The thing is, my touchpad doesn't scroll in KSP for w/e reason, whoch makes building a massive pain.
  4. Well, we call it "musplatta" - or, translated directly, mousepad
  5. Ah. I'm neither a native speaker nor an active user of touchpads
  6. Hi guys! So I'm currently on vacation and on the evenings I want to have something to do. I tried KSP and Minecraft, but both are incredibly annoying to play on a mousepad. So, any suggestions for good, free, mousepad friendly games or am I stuck on Youtube? EDIT: To clarify, mousepad refers to a laptop mouse thing, not a mouse mat.
  7. I hope posting this is OK, if not, a mod can PM me or just tell me here and I'll remove it.
  8. Oh, LOL. On another not, my new PC is now up and running.
  9. Pardon? On topic, the computer upgrade was a minor flop; first of all, my HDDs won't fit in them atm, a fix is yet to be thought of. Also, it won't even do anything because my 660Ti requires dual power plugs and the power supply only has one that fits. However, my dad, being generally awesome, has a way to fix that.
  10. So, it's my b-day today and I got a new PC with an i7 970 and 12 gigs of 1333MHz RAM. It had an HD6850 gfxcard but I'll keep my ol' trustworthy 660Ti. I'm gonna move all 3 of my disks over and reinstall Windows on my SSD disk. I really felt like sharing my happiness. Happy new year, everyone!
  11. 42 isn't the answer to life, the universe and everything.
  12. It shouldn't be blocked by Kerbin if it isn't, well, blocked by Kerbin.
  13. I run Avast and Malwarbytes. Also, this could be considered relevant:
  14. So, I got 2000SEK (Swedish Kronor, about 200€), a ChromeCast, some candy and some clothes. I'm en route to a second party where I will get some moar stuffz though.
  15. That's precisely what I meant, and in hindsight I think I should have been more clear.
  16. Well, yesterday I had a craft that just didn't want to work properly (however I will admit that the problem was most of the time approximately half a meter from the screen). Explanation follows. So, after returning from a 3 month hiatus, I wanted to ease back into the game, refresh my memory. First I went to Duna (see previous page), then I decided to refresh my docking skills. I launched a Mk1 pod with a Docking Port Jr. on it which barely got into a high orbit. Because it just barely got into orbit I decided to go full KSP and slap some boosters on that puppy; more specifically, 2 medium sized SRBs. The first 2 launches I decoupled the SRBs early and it blew my stuff up. The third launch, I decoupled them after they burned out, however they decided to fall into my main booster and blow it up. The fourth launch I had just slapped some sepratrons on the SRBs (Are your boosters failing? Add more boosters to them!). However, when I launched I discovered that I had put the sepratrons in the first stage and my SRBs in the "decouple" stage. The sixth launch went really well, except for the fact that I still didn't get to orbit with enough fuel for a rendezvous. To solve this, I swapped the solid boosters for liquid ones. My seventh launch failed as well because the boosters fell into my rocket. I slap some Sepratrons on it and, after EIGHT LAUNCHES, all went well. 90% of the time here I was being incredibly dumb, but hey; it's what I do. Ironically, my craft was named "TO SPACE".
  17. Try not actually holding on to the ladder but rather moving in close enough to the capsule with your jetpack.
  18. This is a general Christmas thread - you can post literally anything you want about Christmas. I'm gonna start off by saying that I already got a computer (or rather will get; dad won't let me have it yet >.>) I didn't wish for a whole lot, mostly clothes and some League of Legends merch. What did you guys wish for?
  19. So, after going on a rather long hiatus of approximately three months, I decided to update and launch the game as I saw the new update. Anyways, I was eager to get going so I decided I was finally gonna go to Duna as a "coming-back" celebration. I threw together a really small lander with transfer stage and launcher. After a lot of fiddling and timewarping and other funky business, I finally had my approach; it was about as perfect as possible. There was no need for a planechange or midway course correction. Anyways, everything went smoothly and I finally managed to land on Duna for the first time without using MechJeb. Since everything had gone smoothly I decided to relaunch and rendezvous with my transfer stage (I had left a docking port on it). At first I couldn't find it in orbit because it had been labeled as Debris (DAMN YOU, KSP). But since I remembered the approximate orbit it had, I decided to launch anyways and work out the rendezvous later. Once in orbit I had to find the transfer stage. I fiddled a bit through the Tracking Station and eventually found it. I set it as target from the lander and started to set up nodes. After a minute or so of fiddling, I discovered that it was in the opposite orbit. Mistakes were made! What horrible failures do you have to share?
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