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  1. Yeah and I'm not sure which folder name used in release(s) is the correct one. ..Goes to check.. "Kerbalengineer" is what Cybutek uses in So the latest (okay, not latest anymore) is using correct folder, had the wrong one. All fixed, nothing to see here.
  2. Sure there is.. Folder called "KerbalEngineer". I think the "Kerbal Engineer" folder is also actually yours, it came from the file:
  3. If you unzip your fork into the gamedata folder which has the older version, you'll end up with two separate versions running at the same time. Unless/until you notice it and delete one of them.
  4. Is there anything that can be done about the experiments that show up as live but are actually "can't do this right now" or something to that effect? For example, hauling regular and universal goo canisters confuses the system. Universal science Jr module always seems available as well, even when you don't have the "normal" version on board.
  5. Speaking of forks, yours goes into "Kerbalengineer" and the original to "Kerbal Engineer" .. You see where this is going.
  6. Why thank you, that got it done! Pretty much every other mod I've tried lets you move stuff around so I was stumped looking for some setting I'm missing..
  7. Daft question, how do I move the overlay windows at bottom left in VAB? they're partially obscuring the "snap" button.. No obvious way to do it and search turns up nothing.
  8. At least for me, right now. All formulas in thrust-to-weight ratio show red "failed to parse (unknown error)" For example here: https://wiki.kerbalspaceprogram.com/wiki/Thrust-to-weight_ratio Also happens in the part page. https://wiki.kerbalspaceprogram.com/wiki/Parts#Thrust-to-weight_ratio
  9. Yes, well, CKAN put them into the gamedata folder but EVE will find the cfg files automagically in the SVE folder? Incidentally, EVE cloudmanager generates errors in the logfile. I'm not sure if that means anything but you can see them in the end of the file. [LOG 18:04:43.758] [EVE CloudsManager]: CloudsPQS: (EVE Clouds: Laythe-Atmo) OnSphereInactive [LOG 18:04:43.758] [EVE CloudsManager]: Clouds2D is now SCALED [ERR 18:04:43.759] Exception handling event onGameSceneLoadRequested in class CloudsPQS:System.NullReferenceException: at (wrapper managed-to-native) UnityEngine.Object:get_name () at Atmosphere.CloudsPQS.OnSphereInactive () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at Atmosphere.CloudsPQS.SceneLoaded (GameScenes scene) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at EventData`1[GameScenes].Fire (GameScenes data) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 [EXC 18:04:43.760] NullReferenceException Atmosphere.CloudsPQS.OnSphereInactive () Atmosphere.CloudsPQS.SceneLoaded (GameScenes scene) EventData`1[GameScenes].Fire (GameScenes data) UnityEngine.Debug:LogException(Exception) EventData`1:Fire(GameScenes) HighLogic:SetLoadSceneEventsAndFlags(GameScenes, Boolean) HighLogic:LoadScene(GameScenes) KSCPauseMenu:<draw>m__9() DialogGUIButton:OptionSelected() DialogGUIButton:<Create>m__6() UnityEngine.EventSystems.EventSystem:Update() [LOG 18:04:43.760] [EVE CloudsManager]: CloudsPQS: (EVE Clouds: Duna-Atmo) OnSphereInactive
  10. Oh, okay. The installation docs are a bit light.. So theoretically nothing needs to be adjusted out of ckan?
  11. Daft question here.. Is it normal that terrainmanager, atmospheremanager and textureconfig tabs throw an error about no config? I got EVE 1.4.0-1, no scatterer and SVE 1.3.0. + hires 1.0.6. Installed with CKAN1.24. For example this: No config! Please add a config with the content of "EVE_ATMOSPHERE{}" to populate. I guess it wants the eve_atmosheres.cfg which lives here in my setup: C:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program\GameData\StockVisualEnhancements\SVE_Configs Logfile: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1_w9urHuAugqR4nSJQmNcPtksvWw45paF
  12. With a wireless gamepad you have to remember to switch it on as well. They go to sleep automagically. I figured a workaround for that. If you forget it and the settings are reset (KSP asks for permission to spy on you), exit the game via CTRL-F4 or task manager, not normally. It won't write a new corrupted settings.cfg.
  13. Hmm.. That explains why adding a second big fuel can to the 2nd stage actually made my rocket more stable. COM goes up and the nose has less authority to flip rocket.
  14. I don't know what others may be using but I'm using English Win 8.1 64bit / Steam. Buy (one of you) Xbox 360 wireless controller, this is dead easy to reproduce. My settings just reset because I forgot to switch the pad on before starting KSP.
  15. I gets better. After you've successfully setup your game pad controls, starting KSP with the controller switched off (sleeping), settings file corrupts and starts resetting again. It's expecting to find a controller and when it can't.. Do yourself a favour, make a backup when you have controls set up like you want them.
  16. Do you happen to have joystick or game pad? For me and couple other people setting the axes made settings go ga-ga. Game pad and joystick is only detected when you start kerbal so waking up the controller when game is running and setting axes causes problems. As far as I know, when you've got self resetting settings, only thing you can do is to rename it and let ksp create a new one. Perhaps send it to bug tracker too..
  17. Aaand some more experimentation. The Xbox 360 gamepad has to be awake when you start KSP, otherwise assigning axes will work for 1st time and then the setting screen will malfunction. Also the axes are assigned to "joystick 0" (or some other number) instead of the Xbox 360 wir. you see otherwise. I didn't manage to reproduce the setting file corruption/reset thought. I did testing with renaming the settings file so a fresh settings was generated. It's actually pretty easy to run into this problem because the gamepad is wireless and goes to sleep automatically. KSP does not scan for controllers except once on startup as far as I can tell. Adding a "rescan controllers" button to the input tab would go a long way to help on this one.
  18. I went back and deleted the settings.cfg once more. Now I had Xbox controller plugged in and active from the start for what it's worth. I was able to set all the axes OK and the settings stick too. Only I did pretty much the same thing on previous settings file and got self-resetting settings and couldn't allocate axes. Weird. I did it step by step copying my settings file along the way to figure out where it goes wrong but typical demo effect kicked in and it works perfectly now. Meh.
  19. Same issue here with Xbox360 controller. Did clean install of KSP for 1.0. Following up on some of the suggestions here, I changed Xbox360 receiver usb port. Hey presto, now it works! I didn't have to delete settings. ... Yeah, it picks up the gamepad BUT settings goes wonky when you try to "accept". I had to delete (rename) the 1.00 cfg and the new one created worked OK. 1st time that is. 2nd time the settings file gets apparently reset with everything including game and graphics option reset to default. A bug is a bug is a bug.
  20. That happens with manual installation too. There was some extra stuff from older versions, I deleted that and reinstalled but still the same complaint.
  21. It would be nice if the OP mentioned just what the hotkey is ("Y").
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