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  1. Glad to see this being maintained. If you ever need any of the raw files for the new models let me know.
  2. I have seen your posts Jiraiyah. I do plan to improve the whole system for the next update (whenever I get some time to work on it.) I will likely make a set of parts to assemble your own trusses. I will also have some longer trusses so that people can build large stations without having a thousand parts causing lag. BoxSat can get away with this due to the generally small craft size. The collision will be improved. KSP only supports convex shapes for its part collision objects so hollow objects require a lot of collision meshes. The large hollow truss currently uses about 11 collision boxes. I will improve the detail of the collision meshes in the next version though.
  3. That command pod is from Near Future Spacecraft by Nertia
  4. Cyclotron heat generation would be cool. Gives more purpose to installing a bunch of radiators on a station.
  5. If you need a couple nice models for this mod I can whip a couple up for you.
  6. Next version I'll convert to DDS. Didn't have time to do it this time around.
  7. Mod is now updated to support 1.1.x I also updated a couple textures. Mod also added to SpaceDock and CKAN
  8. I'll try to get this updated this Saturday if I have time. No new parts yet. I will rebalance when these parts are unlocked to make it more useful in the mid game.
  9. The lab parts are VERY slightly narrower to fit in spaceplane cargo bays. It should have no effect on your station. If you have any parts surface attached to your labs than there might be a small gap between them and the surface they are attached to. Also if you have any parts attached to the cyclotron or the Pectromatron they might not look like they are placed properly due to the changed collision meshes. Like Ethernet said, it should only be a minor visual problem.
  10. I figured it out. KSP doesn't like when you have one convex collider going through another. It works fine if I have one collider on each end for the narrow ends and one in the middle for the bigger part.
  11. I've been trying to get a model into KSP but it only has one of the two colliders when in game. I'm not sure why only the second collision mesh works. If I switch the meshes the other will work so Its not the mesh itself. Here is my Unity setup: What am I doing wrong?
  12. The labs will fit but the Cyclotron will not. The cyclotron will be a challenge to get into orbit (just like a real cyclotron would be). You could use Nertia's space plane parts to get it up if you must do it by space plane.
  13. The new parts have the same dimensions as the original parts. The only real changes are with the Cyclotron and Spectrometron. The models for those are a bit more detailed now. The collision meshes also cover the support bars on the models so that you can attach stuff there.
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