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  1. Sorry for the slow response. Size - yes. Area - yes, but it's a hexagonal area (approximating a circle with that radius), not a square. area[1] is how many times to subdivide the hexagon (into ever smaller triangles with a particle at each vertex). The biggest performance issue is having area[1] too large - the smaller you can make it, the better.
  2. Always best to test mod bugs in isolation. EVE and Scatterer are independent, but Scatterer does inject its own Shaders on top of EVE's.
  3. Pffff.... That's a KSPRC dust storm (being navigated by a Laserdist-empowered kOS @RoverDude Karibou rover).
  4. We don't even have proper text docs yet. :-( KSPRC once had dust storms on Duna, by some EVE magic.
  5. I'd rather know why the MapView is null. When does this happen for you - when you change views or something?
  6. It works well-enough as-is, from what I've tested, so I can't see myself getting around to any update just yet. If you mean CKAN version updates, you can tell them netKAN people that it works and they might update their files.
  7. Go for it. KSPRC was once exactly that kind of mod.
  8. Waz

    Electrocutor's Thread

    > Stock Prokjet TU Configuration File Porkjet? Projekt?
  9. Or instead of lamb sauce, just try it. Someone on reddit already has and says "all visual mods work, so does KER".
  10. That's pretty extreme low-end, so I'd advise against it. But you might want to try: it says 1.2, but should still work with current version, as it is just configs.
  11. It's intended for mod devs who have already got experience developing EVE configs. Otherwise, it's best to wait for an official release.
  12. Anyone (@Galileo, @Gameslinx, @alexus, @Poodmund, ...) wanting to have a go at developing some bumpmap clouds, please use these files: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1SjfEAJDUh8a4RhapR_x6jFbQe-avGkwu?usp=sharing Notes: Copy the DLLs overwriting the previous ones. You will need a normal map image. If you use a DXTnm DDS, it should auto-detect. If you use a PNG, you will need to mark it as a normalmap - see the example texture.cfg See the example clouds.cfg for how to specify the BumpMap and BumpScale alongside the MainTex. Do not use Scatterer with the above DLLs, it uses it's own modified versions of the standard EVE shaders so you'll see nothing. I have only done minimal testing, with just @Gameslinx's images, YMMV. If it looks upside down or inside out, don't assume it's your images and not my code. Enjoy!
  13. I doubt there would be anywhere near enough resolution for them to look like that close up - that's the point of the volumetric clouds - to make them look better close up. But it might be possible to make the sphere slightly bumpy. The original question was about bump mapping from space, not close up though, which, given your image, produces something like this: For the in-space image, we need a normal map, but to do anything interesting close up, a height map is better. For this image, I just generated the normalmap from the heightmap.
  14. Just posting a link to it here is fine.