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  1. jhonny


    I am currently doing research on rendering of eclipses. I see that you have added support for eclipse shadows to KSP with your mod. Is it possible that you can give me a brief summary of the algorithm you used?

    Of course I will cite you in my publication if I include any of your work.


    Have a nice day,


  2. Hi Waz, I was wondering how doable adding varying levels of terrain details would be to the EVE shaders? I believe currently it supports a single 'mid' texture, but having a close in and distant texture that could be faded in and out with respect to the cameras distance would add a huge level of fidelity and options for modders. I'm aware KSP2 has just been announced and this may have changed a lot of KSP1 modders plans and conciderations for continuing projects in the current game. Cheers, Pingo. 

  3. EVE really is a massive kludge. It's *not* the right way to implement clouds (or more importantly, cloud shadows, volumetric). Deeper engine access is needed to do it efficiently. That means either Star.Theory do it, or they provide sufficiently deep mod support. It's really not that complex for them to do themselves. I wouldn't make assumptions based on screenshots of an incomplete build.
  4. It better had. <dadvoice>Star.Theory, don't make me come up there!</dadvoice> Actually, if you need me to come up there, I'll code for free...
  5. That still wouldn't scale to colony-sized part collections, which are better solved by some kind of dynamic welding mechanism. In addition, ECS is still way too new/experimental to be the basis of a game releasing next year.
  6. By this logic, Unreal Engine is 21-year old crap. Seriously, you don't know what you are talking about. Unity 2019 is vastly different to Unity 3 upon which KSP1 was initially built.
  7. Grind???? You take that back! But seriously, give yourself some starting science if you don't like it.
  8. KSP isn't a thousands-of-similar-objects game, so ECS wouldn't add much.
  9. I'm not exactly sure what that means. I don't rebuild EVE unless it needs changes to work for the current KSP version. I update the first post of this thread if I've personally tested it adequately even if I haven't rebuilt it; as you can see, I haven't played for a while :-)
  10. The BoulderCo directory is the Sample Configs shipped alongside EVE. The EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements directory is the plugin itself. The BoulderCo directory is not needed if you use a different config set such as that which SVE provides.
  11. Not that I know of, but a few are listed on the first page of this topic. Personally, I like to play with SVE, which I think is even slightly better performance-tuned than the sample/default one.
  12. There is nothing particularly "light" about the base config. SVE is a little heavier, but other configs are lighter. See first post in this thread for some links to configs (and others, feel free to advise me on them, I've mostly only used SVE).
  13. Sorry for the slow response. Size - yes. Area - yes, but it's a hexagonal area (approximating a circle with that radius), not a square. area[1] is how many times to subdivide the hexagon (into ever smaller triangles with a particle at each vertex). The biggest performance issue is having area[1] too large - the smaller you can make it, the better.
  14. Always best to test mod bugs in isolation. EVE and Scatterer are independent, but Scatterer does inject its own Shaders on top of EVE's.