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  1. Same hairy developer, yup. Note that I've only been maintaining EVE since @rbray89 disappeared - I just happened to be the dev who'd had most experience with working on it at that time, since I added the animated UV-noise feature. The other changes I've made since have been minor bug fixes and performance tweaks, and of course fixing it if a newer KSP breaks it. BTW, did you see in the most recent KSP2 gameplay footage: STOCK CLOUDS. Let's hope those are still there by launch and haven't been "optimized out". As for a 1.9 update, if/when I find a fix for this weird clipping issue shown in recent comments, I can't call it "updated for 1.9". The earlier build "works" as good as anything I've got for 1.9 yet.
  2. Something very weird going on with the depth buffer. I've tried to investigate but to no avail. For now, stop zooming out so damned much :-)
  3. While I agree in principle, SVE is slightly more complicated than pure-EVE-config mods in that it provides configs for multiple other mods. In theory, you could play with SVE if EVE wasn't updated but Scatterer was. How do we express that in CKAN? SVE needs at least one of the mods it configures in order to do anything interesting. Certainly I check compatibility with SVE before releasing any EVE update (do you think I play with the crappy sample configs... ?)
  4. CKAN lists this mod as supporting "any" KSP version. That doesn't seem correct. Is the CKAN data for it maintained by the mod author, or someone else?
  5. You've got broken clouds, and yet EVE isn't even visible. I suspect you've accidentally dragged some folders into sub folders, because the DLLs will still load, but might behave whacky.
  6. The easiest way is to use one already made. See the first post in this thread. Note that EVE Configs are compatible all the way back to KSP 1.2, so you can safely use old configs.
  7. I upload a new version whenever the previous one stops working, so if you're on KSP 1.6.1, then you'll want to use the EVE version for a KSP version no later than that (so in this case, EVE 1.4.2-2). I hope the logic of that makes sense. Or just use CurseForge or CKAN, which tell you what versions the mod works for. It's far easier to use CKAN than to try to work out dependencies and everything yourself... as you've discovered ;-)
  8. The sample configs aren't particularly optimized or anything, and shouldn't be installed if you're using SVE or something. If you've got clouds, you've got some kind of config installed. I'm currently working on a "simple UI" dialog that popups up from the icon and just allows quick toggling of clouds (eg. to see Eve (planet) resource overlay) and which shows what configs are installed (or if no config is installed), which will hopefully avoid some of the common shoot-self-in-foot scenarios.
  9. That's extremely unlikely to be the actual fix - installing via CKAN or from the github or curseforge release is installing the exact same files. Somehow the act of re-installing fixed something for you.
  10. The clouds in EVE, on Eve, fully obscure the resource overlay. I can't find a way to change that rendering to be on top of clouds, so as an alternative, I'd like to turn off clouds whenever the resource overlay is active. I've searched the API documentation for all the keywords I can think of, with no luck.
  11. CKAN is claiming all the USI stuff is compatible with KSP 1.8. I'm pretty sure it's not, but would love confirmation...
  12. Is this with the 1.8.0-1 or the 1.8.0-2 build? I saw effects like that until I rebuilt the shaders. What for? The configs have not changed. If I change them, I'll make a new config. For example, if someone contributed an aurora or nice looking bump-mapped clouds...
  13. Mods that are strictly implemented as configs (for example, SVE is configs for EVE and for Scatterer), will work fine if you use the new EVE. CKAN data is a bit weird - it lists SVE as only compatible up to KSP 1.6.9 for some reason.
  14. I saw something similar, but it wasn't consistent. I've rebuilt the shaders (didn't think it would be necessary) and made a new patch release. Let me know if you still get those effects.
  15. New version is up for KSP 1.8, both on GitHub and CurseForge (though still waiting for them to notice that KSP 1.8 exists, so for now it's listed as for KSP 0.8 :-). No visible changes (except a new icon), but quite some hoop-jumping to get it to build for KSP 1.8 / Unity 2019, so post here if anything weird happens that didn't happen in previous versions.
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