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  1. Even though KSP complains about it being for 1.2.1, it seems to work fine. I have been able to change the contents of my fuel tanks without issue.
  2. I think I may have found a bug... I made a testbed ship with the particle bed reactor as the root part. Did not scale it, left it default size. placed fuel tanks and such, with one thermal rocket nozzle and 2 thermal turbojets for initial takeoff and climb to altitude where thermal rocket TWR goes > 1. I will launch with the thermal turbojets and climb to around 18-20km. About 2/3 of the time, when I toggle off the turbojets and turn on the thermal rocket, the rocket nozzle produces a whopping 8kn of thrust instead of the 400+ it should be making. I'm not sure if this is related, but when this happens, if I revert to launch, the reactor is model scaled down to 1.25m and everything attached to it is just kind of "floating" there, but still attached to something (nothing falls apart, can still launch using the turbojets). Once this happens, I cannot make the thermal rocket produce more than 8kN until I revert to assembly and relaunch, even though I CAN still launch with the thermal turbojets.
  3. Hey Boris, I just added your build to an existing 0.90 save game, and now my tech tree is completely blank after selecting the KSPI tree. Started a new game, selected the tree, and the nodes are visible like they should be. I had an unupgraded research facility in both the existing and the new testing game. Anyone else run into this or have a workaround? I was a decent ways into the new 0.90 career mode and I really don't want to start over. EDIT: I had restarted KSP already, thinking that might fix it. That didn't work. But after loading the new test career mode game, then exiting to the main menu and loading my existing 0.90 career, the tree is now visible again. Not sure what to make of that, but it seems to work now. LOL Thanks so much for making this build! KSP without KSPI just isn't the same for me anymore.
  4. I've been using Jefferson's fixed dll on the surface of Minmus and it has worked well for me, no glitches or anything. Haven't tried it in orbit, though.
  5. Do you use modular fuel tanks? I was having a problem where everything mounted above any sort of fuel tank would fall through on launch. Removing MFT until an update comes out fixed the problem for me.
  6. It goes in the MechJeb2\Plugins directory, yes. Just to be clear, all I did was recompile the dll so it would stop throwing errors about missing FAR versions when using the latest FAR.
  7. I have recompiled using ragzilla's source for the latest FAR 14.1.1 and ksp 24.2. DLL is uploaded to dropbox.
  8. Wavefunction's KSPI version is updated, and if you use both Karbonite and KSPI, you should use Wavefunction's KSPI ORS dll.
  9. It's a bit of both, and it is not KAS. It is a change Squad made to the way PartModules are added to Parts. What happens is old craft (both those launched AND those saved as .craft files) get their PartModules overwritten by repeated references to (in my case, anyways) ModuleAeroReentry and FarBasicDragModel. It could be anything, mine did those specifically because of the specific mods I have. Once the PartModules are all screwed up by the KSP bug, you get NullRefs all over the place. This causes CTD, and also gets saved in your persistence file. So it does crash, and it does "corrupt" your save file (or .craft file, if in the VAB or SPH). Once this has happened, the only way to fix it is to rebuild the craft in question and save a new .craft, or launch it, save the persistence file, and edit the ship throwing NullRefs PartModules to match the one you lauched (which will have the correct PartModules). This is the gamebreaking bug they fixed in .24.1 supposedly (haven't tested it myself). I know it is a PITA. I spent 2 days after updating mods to .24 editing my save file to save my existing ships.
  10. Is there a specific problem that Wave's version fixes? I am using the stock 0.11 in 64 bit 0.24, and have been from the time the update hit. Is there something in it failing invisibly that I should move to Wave's version instead?
  11. I'm so glad you and Sirkut came up with a good solution to the versioning problems. Great work, both of you!
  12. Awesome work, sirkut! I'm really glad you and Biotronic got the versioning issues worked out.