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  1. Hi everyone, hope you are all well! I am still alive just not been spending much time building in KSP. I am aware I owe you all a new compile. If there has been any commits you think I've forgotten about let me know. Also if anyone needs permissions to the repo to help support that would be cool as well!
  2. Yes, that would be great. I will then do a recompile, test and release. And of course will make sure I credit you on the OP for the great work on the interface!
  3. Hi, my repo is a fork of Crzyrndm’s repo. You still be able to send me a PR though. I think you just need to make sure you create the PR in my repo.
  4. Just set the strength slider lower, it reduces mass. Happy to try and merge this in, means all the other bug fixes are in (symmetry etc). Just let me know!
  5. Hi everyone! I dropped a minor update yesterday. This included @jrodriguez's asset bundle update. AFAIK: Direct X 9 - OK Direct X 11 - OK OpenGL - Black wings If anyone has any idea where I might look to learn more about how to make OpenGL shaders, that would be good. Would be nice to make a final update with that included. Everything else appears to function ok from what I can see. Hi, just "Right Mouse Button Click" for fine increments. Drag it near the size you want. Then right click for tiny increments. This was done on purpose because some people want
  6. So I think time for one final update. Thanks to all the contributors over the last year or so. The repo looks ok, I will get a dev setup installed over the next few weeks, compile, test, refine and release. I have a new Ryzen 3700 and RTX 2070 + 32GB DDR4 I've not tested KSP on yet. Should be fun!
  7. Looks like it's time for an update. I think shaders have been avoid for too long. DirectX11 support needs to happen. I've not had to create shaders before but do have basic unity, blender skills. Will see how it goes. anyone who can give some pointers or links to useful info that would be great!
  8. Hey @JWS ping over PR be happy to add some more shader support Also goes without saying that we all appreciate when other community members help out for the greater good!
  9. Question, did you build that craft/space plane in the latest version? Or is it an old .craft file that doesn’t work? If it is an old craft you have loaded and the wings aren’t the right size that is expected. There is no support for vehicles from one version of this mod to be supported in another. Finally I only maintain “B9 Procedural Wings Fork” and the “-backport”. When you say “Modified” I’m assuming you’re referring to a discontinued version of B9 wings as it does sound familiar. Also I can see you’re struggling a bit with your English. Maybe use a little more Google Translate so I
  10. That actually shouldn’t be too hard. But I’d want some validation in place to prevent parts inverting. However, what would help me (and for any new feature) would be to define some user cases. As they are easier to develop and test. For example looking at the video above I could assert: As a user I can move my mouse in one or two axis so that the length of the wing and offset changes accordingly. I would add: As a user when using my mouse to change the size of wings in any function values will not allow parts to invert and retain invalid values. With a few of these I
  11. @linuxgurugamer so I plan on making some improvements. Probably over the next few days: - You mentioned a few pages back about scaling root of a new wing to tip of a parent wing. This should work fine now using the “Base” button in the popup - Solar powered Pwings - This shouldn’t be hard to do. Adding the new value to the slider array and pointing it to a texture or certain colour value settings isn’t tricky. You mention the old pWings texture, can you post a link to the exact one so I can test around? There is already a surface area calculation used for FAR in this mod. The same va
  12. Minor update Small update to Pwings, 0.90 aircraft should work fine with it - Increased wing edge size to account for larger wings - Set surface sliders back to int 1f so slider snaps accordingly - Craft built in 0.90 should function fine in 0.91 - Updated assembly version (thanks @Me1_base) - Added test craft for use with and without FAR (stock parts + pwings thanks @kcs123 & @Snoman314 for the suggestion this should help when debugging and for new users) https://github.com/Rafterman82/B9-PWings-Fork/releases/tag/0.91 @dkavolis thank you for your continued supp
  13. Built a new craft for all testing purposes. Are there any physical symptoms to the bug? i.e are you unable to fly?
  14. I did test the recompile I did with FAR extensively. I had no problems with any of the test craft. On my install I always run FAR as I hate stock aero. Also FAR calculates lift based on voxels as a user mentioned above. The wings have a drag cube calculated when created or edited. Am I correct in thinking your install is from CKAN. If so I’m pretty sure that version might be borked. Try and install the new version manually.
  15. Release 0.9.0 is ready everyone! Removed "Show Wing Data" on part right click Moved key values from "Show Wing Data" to always show in editor on part right click Merged PR containing mirror fixes for stock aero Increased length, width, height on all parts (control surfaces can be levcons now if you wish) Refined increments (use right and left click on the buttons either side of sliders for fine increments) Removed App Launch Icon (no longer needed) Recompiled against 1.7 KSP Tested with and without FAR Removed .version file No depende
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