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  1. I will bump this value up a bit for the next incremental release. It’s a trivial change at most!
  2. Yeah if i’m honest that kinda of stuff is a while off. A lot of refactoring will be needed to get it working again (the functions for auto size settings are quite long even if the concept is pretty straight forward. So probably would need to remove the legacy code and re-write it. Solar powered wings might be easier if I can use the existing textures and create a new part. Would need some form of surface area calculation as well. Just making sure I set expectations as I don’t have a huge amount of time due to RL.
  3. Don’t worry we will get everything sorted, compliant and following best practices!
  4. Hi everyone, I would like to thank Lisias. He has done a bunch of refactoring, cleared some NRE’s. And wait for it... solved the mirror flaps/spoiler issues in stock aero. I will need to recompile and check for regression so should hopefully have a new release over the next couple of weeks (lots of testing to do). Thanks again Lisias for your hard work and the pull request!
  5. Anytime bro! Been meaning to get that uploaded for a while just be too god damn lazy. You did this, by giving me the motivation to get it uploaded so pat yourself on the back and go build some YUGE space planes! Also made the wings even bigger. Why you ask? Why not! is my answer!
  6. New version here for KSP 1.6.1, recompile and bigger wings. Don't say I don't love you all Shouldn't matter where you launch it from, but just try a manual install of the mod (as it might be an issue with CKAN)
  7. Can you try grabbing the one from my github repo instead (just copy the files from the zip into Gamedata). I’m just gonna commit a 1.6.1 version now...
  8. Also if the DLL is present, right click > properties and check Windows hasn’t blocked it!
  9. Should be fine on both, let me check and will get back to you!
  10. Yeah so for my install I have a crap load of mods. When I do a new release I test it against a fresh install with no mods and then my modded install. One thing I haven’t tested is the CKAN install. I will get around to sorting it out tho and any logs or lists of the mods you run will help. I also might include the debug version moving forward as I’ve added extra console logs to make it easier to to track down issues. Hang in there peeps as I guess you all love making massive SSTO’s like me
  11. That’s weird, all seems ok in 1.6.1. I will take a look, but in the mean time have you tried installing without CKAN and no other mods to check it’s a not a conflict?
  12. Legend, thanks for that bro, will pop a credit on the OP for you!
  13. That would be super appreciated bro, currently changing jobs and moving house, so rl is taking up most my time atm. I have a 1.6 version ready, just been too lazy to commit it (at least I am honest ) In regards to the nullreferror, I know where the functions are for the flight data, so will switch on debugging and check everything over. Were you using stock aero or FAR?
  14. Yeah backport should work fine dude, will probably look at the shader issue on that version soon as well. Ping me if you get stuck!
  15. Cool thanks for letting me know as I suspect in the part.cfg the node settings are correct. But in the version I’m maintaining there is a workaround someone implemented to flip the textures. You can see this workaround kick in just as you place the part. So just trying to refactor that and not break/regress anything.