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  1. I have a feeling that's because the update had hundreds of other benefits (performance, mainly) and they felt that the update would be better released in it's current state than delayed again.
  2. I bought KSP when it was something like 10 dollars. I forget when, but they had put the game on Steam, and offered EVERYONE a key to switch to Steam. Why don't they do it again? Well, from what I have seen, it's just not a thing anymore. It's very likely it's on Steam's end, and not Squad, and I think I know the reason why. Steam gets a certain amount of money after every purchase, I believe 30%. A company could just say "Buy it on our website!" and then just give you to the key for Steam. It's not fair to Steam. Anyways, let's say they let store users get the prerelease, which is mo
  3. The way I read it, that's only in radial symmetry. Just put it into mirror symmetry and it should work fine.
  4. I'm back. Regex, I think the reason are pushing against you so hard is because you are a bit assertive, but that is beside the point. I would not mind support for all these realism features (that with proper foresight would have already had support) but the game itself should be pretty much the same. Now, a few things. 1. It is not Squad's duty to make this game a framework for something like RO. You're asking for these features (and you know this, I'm not accusing you of not) and is entirely within their grace if they include it. These mechanics/features would require tons of w
  5. Hey, I didn't try to call your arguments stupid. With complexity, that is entirely true. Some people find it engaging others do not. However, players can go out and find that complexity if it is properly used as a gameplay mechanic. Like I said, I'm not saying they shouldn't add axial tilt (I hope I got that point across). I would not mind support and a few planets or such could be done with it to add a new mechanic. I'm just saying it isn't needed for the purpose of realism. If we're going to start adding mechanics for the sake of realism, you might want to scale the planets back u
  6. I really don't see your point. The game isn't designed to be a simulator, maybe just something close to one. People won't find axial tilt 1. approachable 2. understandable at first. Axial tilt could be used as a gameplay mechanic on maybe a few different planets, like a moon where its more difficult to take off and land because of the tilt. However, just in general, the tilt just isn't needed. I don't think KSP deserves better either. If you want a space-sim, you go play Orbiter or something like that. KSP is its own little thing, and it should be. EDIT: Or use Realism Overhaul, whic
  7. I mean, why would it be needed? As a game, it functions perfectly as a semi-realistic sandbox space game. Why would it need tilt?
  8. I'm pretty sure that Squad never wanted to make an actual simulator in the first place. While I wouldn't mind axial tilt support at all (for modding), It really isn't needed and KSP is more of just a semi-realistic space game, and probably always will be. I think in its current state KSP is the perfect balance of approachable and daunting (like a flight sim). With the new tutorial upgrades and KSPedia or whatever its called it should be even easier for a player to get into the game.
  9. Yeah, I see your point. The problem is I don't think (like you said) people would understand what the button is for. It's not for just normal bug reporting but if the whole mod is malfunctioning and not working. But alas, I don't think they will understand that. The only solution would be if a sufficient number of reports come in an actual admin goes in and tests the mod, although this would get out of hand real fast. It would have to all be moderated which I don't think Spacedock admins have the manpower to do. Still, maybe there is a good implementation of this but I don't know.
  10. Oh man... It was so long ago. I remember first trying KSP before even time warp or maps (or the Mun) and attempting to get orbit. We couldn't tell if we were in orbit and I didn't understand the m/s would tell me. So I just guessed and did something else for a while and came back and checked if I crashed or not.
  11. I would recommend just one social feature, which is "report as broken" or "not functioning well". I suppose after a certain threshold of a number of these reports a little red/yellow/green tick would pop up a warning users that other users think the mod is currently broken. The counter should probably get reset after any update, although this could be abused, but I don't see a reason why you would try to abuse it. For the mod author, the reports could have a little text box that sends it to the mod author telling them why the user thinks its broken. If needed (maybe like a brigade) the mod aut
  12. 1. Get an adblocker 2. Right click on the image and make sure it's selected the image directly, not the http bit the link, and then block it using the adblocker. forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/uploads/monthly_01_2016/tintin-av.jpg.e0c184e72215549e24a5f59aab69a6b6.thumb.jpg.057d7de1f4d6298d60208b3abdb325c0.jpg Its going to be a link like that, as that's yours. Don't blame me if something goes wrong, ok?
  13. Oh man, I've been waiting for something like this for AGES. This is looking freaking awesome! When this finally gets finished up, maybe with your experience making this cockpit, you could make a Mk.1 version for something like a fighter, or something more flexible like a Cessna cockpit.
  14. Hey blackrack, I thought you were delaying Scatterer updates because that guy needed to finish his finals?
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