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  1. My entry,if we are still going Imgur link: http://imgur.com/gallery/GxoZu
  2. After i survived i Totaly not to fast landing on the mun,i walked up to a ridge and saw an amazing view,one of my favorite pictures as of late.
  3. i would recomend tantares made by beale
  4. Hi fellow kerbonouts! Im Agent902 from the RSP thread,and we are aproching launch quickly,but our main astronout is potentialy not able to launch. So that's where you come in! We are currently looking for a backup astro for our first manned launch EVER. We are looking for someone that has a deccent computer and a router capeble of portforwarding. This is a last cry for help to the comuntiy. We are aiming for a launch on the 8th of may,and if someone is available and matches these criteria,respond if your interested. We would be so so thankfull if someone helps us out h
  5. ok,will do,anywan that wants to be added to it PM me,i might not respond until tomorow though,working late :/
  6. both,mainly focused on things from the start of the countdown all the way up to SECO EDIT: focused on the next launch
  7. Hey @ZooNamedGames @Dman979 @EladDv could we set up a launch vehicle dev team in skype,to figure out the smaller details for the launch. This would help to reduce the messages of the main chat,which is starting to get realy crowded,and it's not easy to read 300+ messeges after work....
  8. i would agree,no timewarp on these short missions,it adds a lot to realism
  9. LOD is go for the 17th. And what are whe combining LOD with range or not,i would need to know soon-ish
  10. Thank you so much for making this mod,made 1.1 so much better.
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