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  1. Ive considered it. Im in pretty decent shape (I can run a six minute mile, do 50 push-ups, and eat moderately well), I have an aptitude for science (I plan to become either an engineer, or a physicist), and Im fairly good with people. The perks of the job are obvious, both professionally and personally, and it would be an honor to travel into space, im just not sure if I'd like to spend a good chunk of my life towards becoming an astronaut.
  2. Really depends on what you have to do. Designing a Rocket to lift 5x as much mass as the previous generation, might take a decade. Whereas using 6 launches, the extra launch to make up for the necessary docking equipment, will only take a couple of years
  3. I wouldn't mind living for a couple thousand years, if I can dedicate my time to learning
  4. Definitely not medical textbooks, and it wouldn't be wise to give them any sort of encyclopedia. Should the aliens not be so benevolent, we'll probably not want to give them such vital information as to our bodies, weapons, and history. What might not be a terrible idea is for us to send philosophical texts, as I believe that those present the human race in the best light
  5. Yeah, firearm ammo is pretty expensive, particularly for automatic rifles.
  6. Probably involves the general American distrust of government, but NASA probably isn't the best target for this distrust
  7. "Accomplish" what? What is learning more about the sun going to help people on earth? Gravity and orbits may sound cool, but in what concrete way will it help people on earth, versus researching, oh, I dunno, arrow wounds, gun powder, and the plague. The ramifications of today's discoveries reach far into tomorrow.
  8. 1. Mine asteroids for uranium 2. Use uranium for hydrogen bomb triggers 3. fill much of the planet with hydrogen bombs. 4. ???? 5. Profit!
  9. Because centrifugal acceleration will fling any potential round to the outside, and thus tear up the barrel
  10. I think it's great, I couldnt really see any reason for objection. The free market is the most powerful driving force in history, and with this, itll launch us into space.
  11. Why do Americans go to Central America? To see the sights, eat the food (Which could likely be made edible, Id be surprised if Aliens didn't utilize similar organic compounds for energy), may be build a school or two.
  12. IF you ask me, the martians deserved it. We should bomb them back to the rust age
  13. Imagine that one is endowed with the knowledge that a societal collapse is imminent. Presuming that the collapse is impossible to stop, what steps would you take to maximize the likelihood you will survive. Assume these things: Collapse is due to a disease. Technology is at roughly the same level three years from now You cannot stop the disease.
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