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  1. After a flurry of activity all has gone very silent again? Are you still working on an update? i realy want to get stuck it KSP again with all mods up to date. Cheers
  2. Is the mod going to be updated with these changes anytime soon? Cheers
  3. Absolutely beautifull. Thanks a lot Yogui!
  4. Firstly i am of the opinion you should recieve a medal for this. Secondly i would like a UN light blue coloured helmet( in the shape of the Grossdeutchsland emblem, see link) on a background of a planet with rings(saturn like). The rings at an angle, the planet can be white or whatever colour you see fit. the overall background something dark blue or black. Most appreciated. http://www.cafepress.com/mf/21134784/grossdeutschland-helmet_tshirt
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