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  1. Hey man...thanks for your post regarding your aircraft.  I can actually fly now after creating a plane based on your youtube video (especially just using a keyboard without a joystick or avionics mods)...Thank you! 

  2. I'm in this spot too, where despite over 500 hours in the game I have yet to go past minus. I think I get too side tracked or stuck on having a big presence in the Kerbin SOI I forget about all the rest. I go through play spurts generally when a patch comes out.
  3. I just want to say @linuxgurugamer, you are among just a handful of addon contributors that make KSP infinitely more replayable, and I want to give a huge THANK YOU.I missed Dangit for so long. If gives me more reasons (besides forcing "roleplay") to design safer, more redundant craft.
  4. Journal Entry One Welcome back! Today we bring you the first milestone in the legendary Duna Regatta Mission to ...Duna. Delta Galactic has launched the first section of the Duna Regetta Long Duration Vessel. The massive Main Drive and Power section was placed into orbit late last night and successfully docked with the freshly built Kodiak Station. After docking, Duna Regatta drained the station of it's fuel reserves, but remained hungry for more. A refuel mission is planned to top off both the Regatta and Kodiak Station. Design and building of the second section is underway at this time. The Main Drive and Power Section (MDPS) contains 6 terrier engines for planetary transfer, a detachable skipper to assist with initial transfer burn near Kerbin, inflatable fuel containers along with structural fuel tanks, extra kerbal supplies, 2000 units of Main Batteries and 1400 units of Reserve Power (through AmpYear), and a detachable command pod for manned control and doubles as an escape pod. Ya I need to look into some of the USI stuff. I think I have a smaller recycler. Thanks. The 2000 or more days is to provide time to wait for another transfer window, incase of oh craps (first time leaving Kerbin SOI.)
  5. Hello and welcome! After 450+ total hours in KSP, Delta Galactic CSA has finally decided to take the leap out of the Kerbin SOI. My next stop, Duna. I am also going big with this one. No unmanned probe on a fly by, no manned orbit, science and return. Nope I am doing as much as I feel comfortable doing...then tacking on some more! I am also doing this early career, with only the first upgrade to the R&D center...and only one node unlocked in that area. First the obligatory addon mentions: MAJOR ADDONS And the Mission Goals: Fly at least four Kerbals to Dune SOI. Two Pilots, one Engineer and one Scientist. Enter Duna Orbit Complete the MINIMUM science of RPWS and Gravimetric scans required for the contract. Complete as much other science as possible. Provide a lander capable to landing on Duna with 1 Kerbal, and returning to mothership. Deposit a mannable (but will be automated for now) communication sattelite in high orbit around Duna (for Remote Tech support) Transfer to Ike Land on Ike. With this in mind my vessel must include enough Delta V to fly to Duna, provide fuel support for one lander, a self sustaining Comsat with long range and local communication capabilities a Duna capable landing craft with science. Life Support supplies for no less then 2000 days. I have decided my vessel will be assembles in Orbit and will be consists of a Drive and Power Section with all fuel, engines and batteries. A central docking section to allow the landers, probes and other modular components to dock. And a forward living and science section. More items may be added during build. Entry One: Launch of the Main Drive and Power Section(MDPS) -Delta Galactic Public Relations
  6. You can alt-F12 to open debug menu, go to the contracts tab (near the right I think) and hit the complete button (labeled com) and it will treat it as if you completed it, so you don't lose reputation or money. It's kinda like a money cheat as well. Find a tastey high paying contract, accept it and complete it. If anything it's good for those accidentally accepted contracts. But nothing is better than overcoming adversity and owning that contract. More important than money and reputation in early career is personal experience.
  7. I have over 450 hours and never been interplanetary yet. But I am changing that, am currently building a long duration Duna exploration now. I think it's because I always try and get a foothold in the Kerbin SOI first, like building space stations or mun bases but end up restarting careers after major updates. But to help out there are some things I have found. You CAN find easy transfer windows in game now with the transfer window mod, and Kerbal alarm clock to track the window. Just plug in the time period you want to leave (or chooses smallest dV) , where from and where too, and the mod will find the optimal transfer window, you can then add it to Kerbal alarm clock and fast forward. I also mastered docking (using mech Jeb, lol) so refueling is a snap. I just launched the Main Drive section of my Duna craft (the Duna Regatta) and it's sitting docked with my station now.
  8. I tend to pull lights from other mods to supplement. I don't use most of b9 but love the lights in it so just delete most of the parts. Aviation lights was nice as well been apparently just got updated. There were other awesome lights mods through the years but they tend to get outdated. We have dozens of nearly identical rocket part mods but not a single mod adding useful lights on spacedock right now.
  9. While I have never recreated Apollo 11 I have recreated many Apollo 1 and 13 missions...
  10. I use the thud more than I should out of laziness. Usually after building a rocket and finding one of my intermediate launch stages is under powered I slap a few around the outside if I have the delta v to spare because I am too lazy to rebuild my launch vehicle. Works wonders for those short bursts where you need just a little more twr during launch.
  11. I had a few issues with the smallest gear in 1.1 that was fixable with changing some wheel tweakables, but not having any problems anymore. All my flying issue arise from building crappy planes and struggling with the keyboard based controls, though the mouse flight mod works wonders. It is worth noting I am not a pilot but am a Navigator and aircrew, flew Falcon 20`s and c130's for a few hours and have landed airplanes in the simulators (the real multi million dollar ones) and I agree with the OP, landing a C130 in a sim was FAAAR easier then landing anything I have built in KSP, but the key phrase here is 'I built' not sure if it's the game or my unengineering
  12. I was thinking about doing an rss career and came across this. This beings up stuff I never even knew I had to know. Not even sure if any of this can transfer to non rss ksp. Might explode spectacularly a few times. In fact this is counter to how I launch in my non RSS with FAR career, where going to fast is dangerous and causes the craft to become unstable and doing any gravity turns to early is a nono. I have to limit some of my rockets to 14-16 m/s acceleration to prevent hitting too much speed to early and suffering from drag and dynamic pressure disasters(though I think FAR has a lot to do with this. I love far, makes for some far better launches if you understand your limits) Going to save this for my toolkit when I start an RSS career.
  13. So after playing since .24, with several hundred hours logged according to Steam, I have yet to leave the Kerbin SOI, disregarding the occasional probe heading towards the sun, but since I use remote tech, I have no control over these yet. Not sure why I have not left the Kerbin SOI, always tried to focus on doing a Mun base (not suceeded) or focusing on aircraft (marginal) and I usually restart a Career after major patches. Anywho... I have a contract to do some high and low orbit stuff over Duna, I have a launch window planned for three kerbin days from now, I have a lifter that can put out about 7500 dV with a 8-10 ton payload. I can probably fudge it bit more but that is the limit of my tech right now. (Just unlocked the first R&D upgrade). I do have an orbital refuel station that can top me off, so fuel is not a problem. But I have never done a burn for another planet. I will probably be using Mech Jeb to assist, it will be manned because I do not have the sat network to risk an unmanned flight(remote tech) of that range yet, but I would like to leave a comsat in polar orbit around Duna. Does anyone have any suggestion of what else I should do when I get there (the contract minimum is an RPWS and Grav detector thing). Any lessons learned. I also have USI life support, so will also be bringing food. No Science bay unlocked yet either. I will keep everyone updated. Big event for me. Been playing since .24 and this will be the first time out past Minmus.
  14. You can also ctrl-12 to open up the debug menu, go to contracts tab and hit the complete button. This will treat the contract as completed despite the asteroid being still being where it was, give you the money and reputation and let you continue to experiment with said asteroid.
  15. There really is no way to prevent this unless someone mods a change to how target selection works. All in all the mouse and selection interface in KSP has been absolutely pathetic since it's inception. It's on of the few complete failures in the game. The game ALWAYS keeps everything in focus regardless of if it's behind a window(interface window not physical wijdow) or you are in IVA, this makes for frustration because you have to make sure that button you want to push is not over something else on your ship or in map mode. Same with IVA and using RPM, you have to cautiously click the display MFD buttons slowly so the game doesn't register a double click and try do something funny.