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  1. The barge is included in the SpaceX launch vehicules pack : https://spacedock.info/mod/269/SpaceX Launch Vehicles Yes you're right about the engines. For the landing burn I tried to do it manually, it's really hard, I succeded once but with KSP interface enabled and in a non realistic way so I couldn't keep the records for the video.
  2. I made a SpaceX's Falcon 9 launch simulation with the deployment of a dummy satellite and the recovery of the first stage on the drone ship. I always love seeing the lives launches from SpaceX and I just wanted to do it in KSP so we can see it from a better angle. I used some mods like : - SpaceX Launch Vehicles crafts - Environmental Visual Enhancements - Distant Object Enhancement - Stock Visual Enhancements - PlanetShine - Camera Tools - MechJeb
  3. sal_vager-> Yes this was exactly this website, thanks ! Sirrobert-> Ok I didn't know it is called fairing in english. So yes, as I expected, it exists a new mod now, I will try this procedural fairings mod, that's sound great ! Thanks
  4. It existed a website where we could build and export our own caps for our satellites in the atmosphere to make them more realistic, but I can't remember the name of this website. We could build realistic caps and open them like in this picture : Can someone know which site am I talking about ? Or maybe it exists now a new mod in KSP to do this.
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