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  1. Some code that violates the addon rules. The extend to which Squad turned a blind eye is somewhat staggering. I just hope TT understands the arrangement that goes on here.
  2. Interesting, and it seems those were the rules since forever. I've certainly written plugins in violation. But to the best of my knowledge, none of that was ever enforced. For funsies I've searched through some code on github, here's Kopernicus and FAR. Oh, and here's NathanKell apparently giving advice on how to best violate addon rules.
  3. Some plugins very much depend on this and KSP's EULA has the same wording. It was easy enough to accept Squad's unspoken rules. But TT's legal department is another matter. Hopefully the revised EULA have better wording in this regard.
  4. The code from the old version could be used to edit the savegame and reload, but that's kinda lame. I'll take a look at how much trouble KIS ran into with modifying live vessels. It would be nice to eventually have all the editor functionality in flight mode. Maybe we can finally get a realtime VAB
  5. Did you try Camera Tools? I'd love to integrate mods more tightly with the stock UI. While I kinda set myself up for this with the default 5 hotkey, I'm not sure if the gizmo bar is the right place for this toggle. Maybe it should just go to the normal app toolbar? But extending the gizmo bar sounds interesting, I'll look into this. From what I understand, MachXXV is working on this for EditorExtensions. No, I don't really care about mod managers. But if someone wants to maintain a separate download, please feel free to do whatever necessary.
  6. WasdEditorCamera brings FPS controls to your editor. Fly into those pesky cargo bays and get the view you want. (http://gfycat.com/ViciousWellinformedCoati) Download: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/7121093/ksp-mods/KSP%5B1.0.2%5DWasdEditorCamera%5BMay20%5D.zip Tested in 1.0.2 Usage: Move around with WASD keys, hold right mouse to look around. Q/E for up/down. Space/Shift to move faster/slower. When you have a part selected it will follow you around if right mouse is held. Otherwise it will rotate the part as usual. Press 5 to switch between stock camera and wasd controls. Keys, movement speed, etc can be configured in config file. Config is reapplied when editor is entered. Use MM to reload config database. Known issues: - The workaround for issue 3838 is a bit hacky and might break things. Compatibility mode for EditorExtensions is enabled by default, though. - The stock VAB camera doesn't have a horizontal offset. So when switching back to stock camera the pivot point snaps back to center. I tried to keep the camera in it's current position and only rotate the view. - When moving parts around the camera is clamped to editor bounds but the part isn't. If you clip the part through the wall you can't select it anymore. But undo will move it back. - Unity's Screen.lockCursor resets the cursor to screen center. Used native functions on Windows as workaround. Other OSs are currently stuck with snapping cursors. Changelog: - 2015 May 20 Initial release Source and MIT License included in download.
  7. Hi all, fwind here. Guess it's a problem with ordering again. Made a new version of the fix that pushes EditorExtensions behind EditorLogic: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/7121093/ksp-mods/KSP%5B1.0.2%5DKspIssue3838Fix%5BMay17%5D.zip Hopefully not many more plugins depend on the ordering with EditorLogic or we have to figure something out. I only need it to run after UIManager so the part spawning is fixed. So anything you figure out for EE is probably fine for me. We should lobby Squad to fix the root cause of issue 3838. Who knows how long this trick keeps working.
  8. Thanks for the report and sorry about your ears. I heard that sound before and no one should have to hear that New version is using the same check as stock.
  9. Made a plugin for this: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/121034-1-0-2-May12-NoOffsetLimits-Removes-limits-for-part-offset-in-editor
  10. NoOffsetLimits removes all limits from the offset gizmo in the editor. Drag it all the way to the Mun! Harpoon not included I found the limits particularly annoying in cargo bays. But there are probably all kinds of uses for this. Share your whackiness Download: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/7121093/ksp-mods/KSP%5B1.0.2%5DNoOffsetLimits%5BMay12%5D.zip Tested in 1.0.2 Usage: Nothing special, just use the offset gizmo. Changelog: - 2015 May 12 Initial release Source and MIT License included in download.
  11. Holy crap, I got it to work. I used Cecil to patch the assembly and fix the exceptions. Removed the static initializers and moved them to Awake() like the exceptions suggested. I still can't quite believe that actually worked. Run this in KSP_Data\Managed, it will patch Assembly-CSharp.dll: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/7121093/ksp-mods/KSP%5B1.0.2%5DKspDevModePatcher%5BMay07%5D.zip Source and license included. After that it just works as described in OP. The errors about deserialization with ThermalLink and OcclusionData are probably just red herrings. I get those even in release mode. There were a few more exceptions that only popped up later in-game. So there might be a few more I didn't run into yet, but they can probably be fixed the same way.
  12. Hi everyone! I got kinda lost and almost missed the release of 1.0. After playing the new version I have to agree the stock method is awkward to use. Squad had probably something more in mind but seems like no one figured out what that is yet. Anyway, I have a new version that makes the stock feature a bit easier to use. See updated OP for details. Yeah, the last version was written in Boo. I got a bit carried away reading this post. In hindsight that wasn't a good idea. The community pretty much standardized on C#. But the Boo scripts tied into my live code editor I never got finished enough to release. I'm working on a much simpler version, that just loads any dotnet DLL, which I hope to release soonish. I won't be updating the old version. But if someone wants to resurrect the old version, the version for 0.22 still has C# code. It contains all the core functionality. Later versions just workaround some KSP quirks and those fixes would probably need to be rewritten for the new 0.90+ editor anyway.
  13. Thanks for the reports. Couldn't find any problems during short testing either. The old download still works, just updated OP.
  14. Heh, I kinda did, but I couldn't escape the 0.24 hype train, lol. That's great, they really do. You might want to add the fix from this release preventing the new part tooltip from popping up. Yeah, I get that Chrome thing, too :/ EDIT: What the heck, apparently Chrome hates .bat files now. Try this with no build script included. EDIT2: Woops, deleted dll as well. Use this: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/7121093/ksp-mods/KSP-Plugin-24.0-SelectRoot-Jul18-No-Build-Script.zip
  15. Hey everyone, 0.24! Been sitting on this version for a while. It's now using the builtin OSD and will highlight parts while hovering. Also fixed a conflict with the new reveal part hotkey which also triggers with LeftControl. If you need to change the hotkey you can change it directly in the included source and use the build script to recompile. Only need to have Unity installed to do this.