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  1. With your super fast internet yes you can.
  2. I hate to echo that sentiment, but yeah, active texture reduction is a better solution. Several versions ago, I could not imagine playing without the texture reduction packs. They were a great solution from a bygone era.
  3. If the lower resolution EVE mod works and the higher one does not, you are running out of memory and active texture reduction will solve the problem. I look forward to when KSP can use more memory.
  4. Learn with the Ravenspear Mk IV. When you're lined up with the runway, keep the prograde marker on the navball on the 90º mark; if you're lined up correctly the runway will be right beneath you. A good approach for me is between -5º to -10º; flare up before touchdown. Alternatively, Scott Manley has three videos dealing with planes, so you could if you want.
  5. This is rad, I think I'll find this useful. Sadly I won't get to it until later this week, so I'll leave feedback then.
  6. Sorry, real life got in the way of my posting. -The first re-entry shot from the cockpit is too long. If your short was much longer it would be easier to justify. -For the last scene, did you do that with hack gravity? I could be wrong, but the vessel just sitting in the atmosphere instead of moving is a little disorienting. -The second shot with the "cross" has impossible lens flare - I'm not going to get super-spergy about it, but for a flare like that it should go across the frame. . I'm not sure about the rainbow flare in the first shot with the cross, I think that is a frame-wide thing as well, but I haven't encountered it in any of my lenses so I'm not sure.-The shot with the shuttle entering the atmosphere, as it turns into a white speck, should have the over-exposed portion coming from the silhouette of the craft. I liked the sweeping exterior shots quite a bit. I know it's very hard to make a convincing interior scene, but I liked that you included it, it added variety. When you make sweeping shots be a little more bold; in the first sweep, the planetary horizon starts under the shuttle, but that horizon doesn't go above the shuttle before the shot ends. It almost gets there but not quite. The second sweep is a bit odd looking - I don't know if you can fool with field-of-view/focal length however you were recording, but the second sweep would've benefitted from a narrower FOV with how it was being composed. The camera motion is pretty rad, you've got a good feel for it. The interior scenes, though long, look like the vessel is rocking in re entry. The exteriors in space look like they were done by an EVA spaceman with some EVA Steadicam. I -do- want to see what you make next even if the wall of text makes it look otherwise
  7. It is a good start. How much constructive criticism do you want?
  8. No problem. Just remember to mount stuff in the back of the shuttle bay, that was my big problem at first.
  9. Exactly. In fact, Nothke is making a sweet cockpit mod for the HL fuselage.
  10. This isn't the Minecraft modding scene. Unless you were going to use a different license then the current one you don't need permission as long as you give the appropriate credit and are open about your modifications (among other minutiae). It is nice to ask permission though.
  11. Yeah, I didn't make myself too clear there. I removed the ExsurgentEngineering.dll to try and replicate your current problem, but KSP didn't hang on the RCS block, so I don't know what the ****.
  12. I had the exact problem you had; I accidentally installed a .dll that wasn't the newest version and it hung up on jet pods like you mentioned. Removing them just made it hang on other parts, so replacing Firespitter.dll might solve your problems
  13. Thanks for putting it up, I totally missed it.
  14. Use a texture compression mod or two, update the .dlls (links are earlier in the thread), should end up alright. Nothing shouldn't work with it.
  15. Didn't know about the damage script, that's something I'll have to keep in mind in future. Still, back on topic, seriously get Enemy Within if you get Enemy Unknown. EXALT missions are great for leveling your B-Team, Chameleon Skin and Mechs are another way to break the game, and the Foundry actually is useful beyond making SHIVs (improved medkit among other things). I'm actually just starting an Impossible runthrough; the early game is a real meat grinder, I've been avoiding it for too long. Fun story from my recent Classic Ironman runthrough: I'm towards the end of Street Overpass with (what I think) is the last Sectoid; I dash a heavy to the to the top of the overlook, revealing another three. One mind melds, the other three shoot (one hits but it's the mid game, no big deal). I decide to rocket them, and right as I confirm the rocket I turn to my friend and say, "watch this guy miss." Lo and behold, this soldier decides that NAFTA is a greater threat and puts his rocket into a nearby semi instead of the unmarked police car the Sectoids are playing behind. A run-and-gun, grenade, and Squadsight sniper mopped them up that turn, but jinxing my own soldier with somebody watching was pretty hilarious.
  16. I'm not the best person in the world to talk to scores about, but some suggestions come to mind from what I'm familiar with. There's from Sunshine.Maybe from Powaqqatsi, might not be what you're looking for. from an Eva OST might be useful.Looking more at "The Smallest Piece" for inspiration, there is from another Eva OST, but that might be too fun.((I'm not a weeaboo I swear)) I assume this film is about Kerbals reaching a massive milestone, what emotions do you want to convey along with it?
  17. Has anybody else tried Joint Reinforcement with B9? The horse's mouth. tl;dr, "no [solid] ETA," and, "the coming weeks".
  18. They're all too busy pointing out "Find the new Exsurgent Engineering and pull out Firespitter.dll from the Firespitter Pack" for people new to the internet. I'm glad you got this solved. Kerbal Joint Reinforcement must be better then strutting things to oblivion, guess I have an excuse to check it out now. It was discussed back on Page 160 and honestly I don't blame you for missing it at this point. tl;dr, wheels should be perpendicular to the runway, so wheels attached to wings (which flex) will make life hard. Combine that with poor yaw control and its pretty easy to get that takeoff wobble. e: I've never run into this issue (I guess?) so now I'll have to make a point to make designs that deliberately destroy themselves on the runway. So far I haven't had any issues vOv
  19. This thread, wow Meanwhile, I'm stoked about the new parts having a lightweight memory footprint.
  20. Speaking of the aerospace, I encountered what might be a bug. If I lock the gimbal while maneuvering, the engine remains in the position it was locked in instead of returning to its neutral starting position, even while under thrust. Maybe its working as intended, but it just threw me off.
  21. Set your posts-per-page to 50 in your settings. It sounds terrible but it's a lot easier to cut through the chaff, at least in my case. For instance, yeah, I think you're right, this link was in the last page.
  22. You may be running into the maximum amount of memory KSP can use. Try using the KWRocketry, Squad and B9 texture reduction packs. Also I'll have to take some new vehicle shots since I made it into the album. Everybody here has been making some cool stuff.
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