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  1. If the astronauts have diarrhea when the rocket is in countdown because they eat too many spicy food on the night before launch, will they cancel the launch?
  2. I was disappointed with this film. Expected fun near future scifi like Gravity, Interstellar or The Martian but got a movie with too much talking and no action, especially since The Verge claims that it look like those 3. The ship crew are incompetent, and other characters just died randomly.
  3. @FreeThinker The code is actually already there in ThermalNozzleController.cs: // act as open cycle cooler if (isOpenCycleCooler) { var wasteheatRatio = getResourceBarRatio(ResourceManager.FNRESOURCE_WASTEHEAT); fuelFlowForCooling = currentMassFlow; consumeFNResourcePerSecond(40 * wasteheatRatio * wasteheatRatio * fuelFlowForCooling, ResourceManager.FNRESOURCE_WASTEHEAT); } Currently thermal engines need to be connected to a heat source like reactor to run, if we can modify it to be able to run without being connected to a heat source but make it run without thrust then we have our open cycle cooler Edit: Found it: if (AttachedReactor == null) { if (myAttachedEngine.isOperational && currentThrottle > 0) { //myAttachedEngine.Events["Shutdown"].Invoke(); myAttachedEngine.Shutdown(); ScreenMessages.PostScreenMessage("Engine Shutdown: No reactor attached!", 5.0f, ScreenMessageStyle.UPPER_CENTER); } myAttachedEngine.CLAMP = 0; myAttachedEngine.flameoutBar = float.MaxValue; vessel.ctrlState.mainThrottle = 0; maxFuelFlowOnEngine = 1e-10f; myAttachedEngine.maxFuelFlow = maxFuelFlowOnEngine; return; }
  4. @FreeThinker For now I won't try to implement any thrust, it can be handwaved in game by saying that the cooling nozzle ejects on 4 opposing sides. I noticed that in the resource definition file there is coolingFactor, what is that for? I don't find any mention of it in the support forum page
  5. Coincidentally I just thought about this, at least when I was thinking about KSP2 (we really should port this to KSP2, currently I don't think vanilla KSP2 interstellar techs are as deep as KSPI). I'm thinking that we can make a small rocket nozzle, like RCS thruster size, that uses any liquid propellant and waste heat to vaporize that propellant. The heat rejection rate will be mass flow rate * (heat of vaporization + specific heat capacity * (radiator temp - propellant boiling point)), and flow rate is proportional to nozzle diameter. I want to try to code this
  6. The good thing is that as far as I know all modable multiplayer games with custom game mechanics mods requires the mod to be installed on the server by the owners because the server should have the authoritative state of the game to keep all the clients in sync. Also having random players install arbitrary mods on the server is huge security risk. Of course client only mods that doesn't alter any game mechanics can be installed by the players, for example part reskins. I'm not sure where autopilot mod belongs to which category though Of course recovery tools is still important, not just to fix griefing but also for general backups
  7. DRM KSP2 will not break mods directly because Steam is DRM and highly moddable games like Garry's Mod and Skyrim exist and have healthy modding scene, but what DRM can do is break existing mods, because Steam forces updates and updates will break mods, and with DRM we can't copy KSP and run it without fearing Steam will break mods.
  8. Having multiplayer KSP with both multiple players single ship and multiple player multiple ship opens up possibilities, such as: Space VATSIM Star Trek Bridge Commander style game with DIY spaceships The Expanse space battle reenaction Finding a way to defend space station maybe space FPS like Shattered Horizon? Imagine: To prevent this, the station owner install some point defense cannons and railguns that will destroy high velocity objects within a certain radius. Of course, before getting shot down, the shuttle will be warned to decelerate. Then when there is more traffic to the station, there will be space traffic control coordinating traffic to the station. The problem with multiplayer aside from timewarp is whether KSP2 physics engine can scale to multiple "processors" as in multiple cores or even GPUs. There should be a limit to how many parts per players to prevent a single player to make the whole server lag out and crash
  9. I always have this at back of my mind, is it a good idea for KSP to have its own official mod repository? Imagine when we download save files and craft files, all the mod dependencies can be automatically downloaded. And then a way to pin KSP version so that we can update base game after all the mods have support for latest KSP. This is pretty important as Steam forces updates to KSP, breaking mods
  10. My wishlist for KSP 2: Its on Steam Linux support Linux joystick support (unlike current KSP where you need AFBW to have joystick support but it used to work) Better input management for mods so that MechJeb, AtmosphericAutopilot, default SAS and throttle, and AFBW and other autopilot mods doesn't fight for the throttle and axis control and no workarounds like a checkbox in AFBW for AtmosphericAutopilot compatibility is needed Ingame keyboard + joystick binding so you don't need to go back to main menu to rebind things Extensible MFDs like RPM or MAS Better modding documentation Some good things : KSPI level interstellar drives (and warp drive too, but if its not there its fine) and resource management and acquisition First person mode and HUD (both EVA and IVA) Walkable IVA
  11. Is there a way to map [-1,1] control range into [0,1]? My joystick throttle acts that way, and that means that I lose half of my joystick throttle range, as the 0 position is in the center, not at the bottom
  12. Hopefully SpaceX will be releasing the TLE for Roadster so that someone with a powerful enough telescope can take pictures of it EDIT: Someone on Wikipedia puts the COSPAR ID for Tesla and searching around for that results in this: https://www.n2yo.com/satellite/?s=43205 EDIT 2: TLE is for Earth orbiting objects, but Tesla is in escape trajectory, so this TLE will be useless when Tesla is far away from Earth?
  13. Is there any exact time/countdown to when the upper stage will start transfer orbit injection burn? Most of the news say that it will happen in 6 hours after launch
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