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  1. Is there a way to map [-1,1] control range into [0,1]? My joystick throttle acts that way, and that means that I lose half of my joystick throttle range, as the 0 position is in the center, not at the bottom
  2. Hopefully SpaceX will be releasing the TLE for Roadster so that someone with a powerful enough telescope can take pictures of it EDIT: Someone on Wikipedia puts the COSPAR ID for Tesla and searching around for that results in this: EDIT 2: TLE is for Earth orbiting objects, but Tesla is in escape trajectory, so this TLE will be useless when Tesla is far away from Earth?
  3. Is there any exact time/countdown to when the upper stage will start transfer orbit injection burn? Most of the news say that it will happen in 6 hours after launch
  4. I found this when I was browsing Alibaba: For some reason the seller description fonts render as some sort of wingdings on my Linux Firefox, but the question is that in what use case does induction heated tankless water heater makes sense? I cannot think about any advantage of this compared to resistive heating
  5. What happens if a hardware divider attempts to divide a number with zero? In calculators they usually errors with divide by zero error, but what happens if we remove that divide by zero check?
  6. Question for anyone who frequently visits Atomic Rockets website: ! WARNING STAR WARS THE LAST JEDI SPOILER !
  7. Does Bussard magnetic scoop provide drag in space? If yes then it can be used as STL ship interstellar brake which is probably useful for your KSP STL interstellar ship challenge
  8. TIL that scientists are working on a way to make computer that uses quantum physics and time travel to solve some hard computer science problem and break Heisenberg uncertainty principle:
  9. You don't use 'dirty' neutronic fuels such as D-T for this type of reactor, you use 'clean' aneutronic fuels such as helium3-helium3, or proton-boron, which is what Focus Fusion are currently investigating. D-T fuel energy output is in form of useless neutrons that cannot be used for direct conversion to electricity, unless if you are trying to make neutrons. Of course, there is that pesky bremsstrahlung x-rays generated from fusion reaction, which can be probably absorbed by several cm thick lead shield...
  10. Theoretically, a dense plasma focus based fusion reactor can scale down really well, as their ion density is constant with the size of the device, and by using direct conversion, no bulky steam generators are necessary Imagine the usefulness of a very small fusion reactor that fits on a desktop PC tower... The problem is that the focus fusion guys haven't successfully create a self sustaining fusion reaction on their multi megajoule device, and this: