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  1. Hey, are you guys planning on adding smaller radars for helicopters, like those on top of Apache's rotor?
  2. It partially works, but part configs are a bit messed up, so it's better to use RO's individual parts on their own instead.
  3. I get where you guys are coming from, but I still think it would be cool to have a higher TWR alternative to fission jets and I think that the fact that they would require this kick-starting energy makes them unique enough, Near Future Propulsion already adds a lot of engines that are quite similar to eachother.
  4. I didn't say that fusion jets require KSPI-like system, I just pointed it out as one of multiple solutions and I think that KSPI setup could be done much more intuitively that than what we see in actual KSPI, the problem with KSPI is that there are too many different types engines that require different kinds of energy which require different kinds of reactors (which require different types of fuel), requiring different kinds of a electric generators. It could be easily solved by having one type reactor for fission, one for fusion and one for antimatter (with size variations of course) with all of them able to connect with any thermal engine.
  5. The thing about nuclear powered aircraft is that fission reactors require a lot of shielding which I think wouldn't be the case a for an aneutronic fusion reactor and of course you could argue that you might need a fission reactor to sustain fusion, but the truth is that you probably can just as well have a much lighter battery/capacitor pack to kick start the fusion and just go from there. I also believe that using fusion reactor would increase thrust significantly as it is capable of outputting more energy than fission. And by going overboard I don't mean exceeding physical limits of what could be achieved irl, because I know that all the things featured in this mod have a some kind of scientific foundation, but I'm talking about making the game easier.
  6. But you see a need for fusion rockets? This mod already goes over board with powerful engines and I think that fusion jets would allow for really cool spaceplanes.
  7. It adds fission engines only (well I don't think that "only" is a good word since, his mods already add a lot of great parts) though.
  8. Hey, are you planning more engines that allow in-atmosphere operations? Maybe some kind of fusion thermal rockets/jets? Maybe a system similar to KSPI where you take a reactor of your choosing and attach a nozzle to it.
  9. What I would appreciate more would solid white/black color variants for all fuel tanks. Right now I have to fiddle with different tank orientations sizes and variants to make those annoying stripes match up