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  1. No, it'd take too much resources. KSP 1 is already quite CPU and memory intensive, adding terrain deformation would dramatically reduce the performance of the game while not really adding much in terms of gameplay.
  2. Wouldn't Doppler effect be noticable even at something like ~10% of c?
  3. I feel like one simple thing that would improve the realism of interstellar travels while not being that taxing on the performance would be an addition of Doppler effect to the skybox. You could maybe have three different skybox textures: one for visible light, one for near-IR and one for near-UV that would get more or less transparent depending on the vehicle's velocity. Some additional red-blue hue gradient could also be applied to to the visible light texture.
  4. Sooooooo? Is anybody going to force anyone to do that? Is anyone forcing you to switch to KSP2? You don't want to pay for it? Then don't and just keep playing KSP1. It's that simple
  5. Also, do I have to mention that KSP2 will probably get years of free updates as well? From what we've seen, KSP2 is already going to be superior to KSP1 in most regards at launch. I bet some major features that we are going see on day one haven't even been talked about and are yet to be announced.
  6. KSP2 is going to be a completely new game with completely new game engine with completely new features that could never be implemented into the original game because of its old architecture. You've gotten 8 years of free updates already and some people have even gotten free DLCs, is there anything better to ask for? The amount of new features and enhancements completely justifies them charging you for it and marketing it as a completely new game (because it is one).
  7. What has me the most interested is the engine from the lander at the end of the trailer. It looks like it has some built in radiators as well as bizarre plumbing feeding into a nozzle.
  8. Of course it's not actual gameplay, but I wouldn't expect "mobile game ad" level foolery. Pretty much all obvious features teased by the trailer have been officially confirmed.
  9. Maybe we could compare the engines from the trailers to parts we see in NFT, FFT and KSPIE? I don't think that there are many proper visualizations of many theoretical propulsion systems we are discussing, so devs might have used some modded parts as an inspiration
  10. I doubt it, I feel like metallic hydrogen engine would look more similar in appearance to classic chemical rockets.
  11. I've already listed that as "magnetic nozzle"
  12. It's "Epstein", the dev says there are engine similar to it, but you have to keep in mind that he might be just referencing the Daedalus. That's what inspired me to create this thread, actually.
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