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  1. Ok then, lets fight, gimmie 2 days to refit the murderer... - - - Updated - - - Rich coming from you....
  2. @Zamo Tbh, I really should do a refit, my fleet is beginning to get a little dated but I'm happy to do some testing if you are willing to return the favour.
  3. No one listens, It's like parliament in this thread.....
  4. Ohh, and a bit of a unrelated topic, i found a great use for crewed pods in armor protection. It appears that if you have anythging crewed, regardless of what your root part is, the autoaim and target marker will target the pod and not the actual root part. Yes i know its horrible to have sacrificial kerbals sitting on a ship, but it seems to be a good way to make it difficult for people who use unguided weapons to hit the root part without 100% manual targeting (actyually its borderline impossible to target teh root part without a IVA+antena system that actually lets you choose where shot lan
  5. 500m/s is what i aim for, 600 is good on thicker targets
  6. yup... if you're referring to the delta time rate that is, not the time warp function. You'll also notice that you will get different 'sweet spot' ranges where your projectiles will perform consistently depending on where you set the slider. - - - Updated - - - 'Finally, has anyone ever experimented with stacking plate--i.e, connecting one layer of plate directly to another by simply attaching it to the armor plate's connection node, effectively making it much thicker? If so, what results did you obtain?' pretty useless, if the projectile phases through one sheet it phases through both, much
  7. Exactly that, why wouldn't you want to vaporise anything you come up against in one hit? No brainer if you ask me. - - - Updated - - - Perhaps not any more, it's still half filled with oxidiser... plus have you got the drop tanks on it and have you disabled all of the back up engines? - - - Updated - - - Here's my latest armour test, It's an update out of date now and I was mostly shooting at the fiend, I shot the murder twice 1st for comparison, 1 kill, 1 badly damaged but still armed and mobile. http://imgur.com/a/DRbpk edit, why won't it embed? I copied another post exactly (well, obviously
  8. It can make it to Laythe by itself but yeah, range is the weakness, as for disabled in 1 hit, can i see some screenies?
  9. I always aim to please (myself ) @ panzer; if you can reliably take that Drek out with a single 2 ton projectile you impress the hell out of me, screenies please. ( in fact I'd love to see you do it to a Murderer, let alone a heavy Drek: https://www./?1l9a1amt5uby18i)
  10. But you do have a knack for making good looking ships; the original grisselbad and thraben look awesome, and armour is apparently useless now (I'll have to see what I can do about that tho).
  11. Good old Murderer, unchanged in almost 2 years and still going strong
  12. My 1st attempt: Place your bets now, what happens next?
  13. The best core layout is spread them evenly throughout your ship, some in the middle some near the surface so that the far side has the whole thickness of your ship to protect it.
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