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  1. I personally really like this strategy, and I agree with the flaw you noted. This is, however, one of the very few scenarios where I will "cheat" and edit the save file. I'm willing to pretend I have hired a crew to refill regularly, perhaps even deducting a modest sum of funds in career mode.
  2. Find KSP.exe and double-click it. It should be in the main KSP_win folder. If it's not there, it should be. Re-download?
  3. This is why angular velocity and angular momentum are represented by cross-products, perpendicular to the orbital velocity. CW/CCW depend on where you view the system from, but if you consistently apply a right-handed convention, the direction is unambiguous.
  4. This has been my experience as well, though I joined on at 0.18 so the patcher has literally never worked once for me.
  5. This stymied getting started exploring the new update(s)...this and page caching.
  6. This was my thinking, and seeing only Valentina introduced in the initial crew, along with still-all-male ground crew, pushed me to actually do it.
  7. ...because the entirety of the ground crew is still male. What else do the femme kerbals have to do but go to space? Is anybody else running an all-female space program? I kept Jebediah for old times' sake, and he'll probably tag along on some interplanetary missions to bodies he hasn't seen in my older saves. Bill and Bob are now Kax and Zela, my transgender crew. I haven't rescued a single male kerbal, and so far, I've rescued all the female kerbals which have popped up. I'm appreciative that Squad have included female kerbals, but they certainly didn't take it very far. I'm irritated that there's no orange-suit female scientist or engineer.
  8. This thread is a fantastic wealth of information. Thank you all for posting, asking, and answering! A lot of questions I had about the inner workings of the new aero model have been answered.
  9. In the same vein, I feel that the backlash was inevitable considering the lack of a true feature-complete beta, e.g. a 0.99 release before 1.0. Releasing 0.99 and insisting that there are surely still plenty of bugs before calling it 1.0 might have diminished the criticism. Avid, loyal players' criticism is the least of Squad's concerns at this point.
  10. This is one of the only ideas I've seen that wasn't ruled out by Harv and fits his hint. I could imagine a countdown or a crawler as well, but those would both be annoying to experienced players, so I don't see them as likely (even if toggle-able). I think craters from crashes fits well, especially considering the hint about destroy-able buildings: something like "You won't even notice if you're good." Personally, I always look for tutorials in a new game with complexity like KSP. Since we already have those (and it's not Harv working on them), I can't see introductory (teaching) material as likely. I also can't imagine it'd be Harv working on an intro cutscene or the like, and that would probably take longer than 2 days. I think craters fits because the lack of it is something a brand new player will notice when they crash their first couple rockets, and the destroy-able buildings might have already put in some of the necessary infrastructure. I'm very disappointed that the new feature won't be clouds. Craters would be a nice addition, but I think clouds are the most important cosmetic update KSP is still missing.
  11. Congratulations on reaching this point. My first hour in 1.0 will be spent attempting to reproduce annoying long-standing bugs, like the radial decoupler weird torques tied to going 750 m/s and kraken-summoning claw problems. I pray that I don't find any bugs I've encountered before, or any other major issues; the jump straight to 1.0 has seemed overconfident to me, but I'll be very proud if we find their confidence well-placed after all. Needless to say, as so many others have, these Dev Notes are something else in terms of fanning the hype flames. I also hope that the announcement of a secret feature to be announced is clouds. The game certainly doesn't feel complete without them, as well as auroras in my eyes.
  12. It's not crafts I'm worried about, it's the orbits of moons crossing through the planets in map mode. I thought to do essentially this. That's why I've posted this thread, to ask how to get rid of the starry background. If the texture replacer mod can do it, there is likely a simple way to do this without getting any more mods.
  13. I'd like to remove the space background image (the one with the distant stars) for image manipulation purposes. Poking around in the KSP/GameData folder didn't yield anything obvious, so I think I'm missing something. How can I remove the starry background image? Also, if there is a way to toggle orbit paths from map mode (like F2 for the UI), I'd like to know how to do that, too.
  14. Great, I love tutorials, even when I (probably) won't learn anything from them, I also love docking, I really think the game benefits from stepping stones like these, thanks for helping improve that area of the game Marco, you're my favorite, you're also great at run-on sentences!
  15. I usually just put something silly about dedicating it to my partner, often with a mention of how the mission has been going. I end up being much more concerned with the placement and getting to the right spot than what to put on the plaque once I get there. It ends up not being well-thought-out because of the lack of planning.
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