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  1. Well, I think adding oxygen, hydrogen and water is useless if you don't have any mod that uses such resources. IMO this mod should't be adding new resources at all. Having a storage mod adding new resources just because it adds another part that can use it, it's a bit silly in my opinion, just don't add those parts, isn't it out of the purpose of the mod, which is to store things not to add new resources...
  2. Hey, sorry for the offtopic, but which mod adds these data in near the navball, such at current match speed etc.?
  3. Here's a suggestion for tech tree along with a CTT (Community Tech Tree) config: Advanced Rocketry: -Fuel Flow Breaker 1.25m -Fuel Flow Breaker 1.85m Heavy Rocketry: -Fuel Flow Breaker 2.5m Very Heavy Rocketry: -Fuel Flow Breaker 3.75m Fuel Systems: -V1 Valve Advanced Fuel Systems: -KM Fuel Controler -Drainex 1 Large Volume Containment: -V2 Valve Straight (I don't even know the difference from V1 though it's a bit random here) Flight Control: -Alt-Pro Altimeter Advanced Flight Control: -Prox-Pro Proximity Sensor Specialized Controls: -Radio GAGA -AGT Timer CTT: https://drive.google
  4. DDS loads faster, but in terms of memory? Not so much difference. I usually convert all textures I can to DSS, but still have many others to go because my installation is huge and I was just waiting for modders to upate their stuff eventually. And batch conversors have the same problems as ATM because some mods still require their png's, specially icons. Yes eventually every mod will be correctly distributed. Or Unity 5 delivers improvements that renders all this concerns useless. But in the meantime TR comes really handy, I hope you still maintain it for a bit longer optional...
  5. I don't have ThunderAerospace and I only use USI Life Support and I have the same "issue", I gettings parts like CO2 and Oxygen, and I don't have any mod that uses those resources... Also the Eva-X seems to contain oxygen aswell, which is no use unless you use mods like TAC Life Support I believe...
  6. Been playing all day yesterday, +60 addons (many more mods), not a single crash. Plus I can play with textures in full res which almost doubles the memory usage. Around 5.5Gb, including visuals, coulds and ..... Nada, perfect. The only bug I have is in Carrer, sometimes buildings appear fully upgraded on Space Center, you ahve to enter and exit VAB. Although it's just an aesthetic bug.
  7. I can see the blizzy Icon still in the folder, but no config files...
  8. Issue: QuickHide it's causing some noticeable performance drop, if you have enabled the auto-hide function. Even in the VAB. Just that.
  9. I decided to update TR I can't even open the game, hitting memory limit (I was in 2.6gb before updating). I'm guessing it's related to this " disabled texture compression, mipmap generation and unloading by default"? Anyone knows and alternative way to reimplement it or something? I can't concieve why would anywone would do that... Welp, I don't really want to use ATM honestly, I don't understand why such a good feature is removed...
  10. What's the purpose of the Pure Liquid Fuel Tank? Doesn't Fuel Switch allow to change tanks into liquid fuel-only already?
  11. Well I tried with other parts (including yours) and I still have the same bug. I'll be deleting mods to see if I can narrow one that may be causing a conflict... ___ Found it! It's KSP Interstellar Extended (v1.1.14) _Edit_ Naaaaaah forget that, it's not, sorry. I'm reinstalling all my mods 1 by 1 and trying. ---Update--- Found it and fixed it! I had to update TweakableEverything (had 1.11 and lastest is 1.11.5, and all problem is gone!) Sometimes I'm so tempted to migrate to CKAN...
  12. I can't see clipping, although it's not with any of your parts, but the MKS orbital launchpad. I figured the conflict was EL with something else, not the part itself. If you think it's actually the part well sorry for bringing it here, I should ask on MKS thread instead, I'm just new using your mod and I'm lerning how to use it. I did some testing on the ground and it worked, so maybe is there some problem with the part itself indeed, but I'm running so many mods that who knows... Thank you.
  13. Well I'm just testing stuff, so only stock ships. Particularly the Orbiter 1A since it doesn't have launchclamps and I figured it would be less buggy. Also tried with Kerbal X (that one worked once but no more), and some other. I sent the ship to my brother that plays with diferent mods and he could build and launch ships correctly so I thought it could be some mod. Have to say that I'm hyper editing, though, maybe that breaks something?
  14. Thank you, I do use KAC. Very useful as always. Btw, I'm having problems launching a vessel in orbit, I'm getting stuck, it's suposed to show the release menu to transfer fuel, etc., but instead I can't do anything, not even warp, just exit. The built ship is all bugged like switching from suborbital to escape, really weird. I made a "clean" log, it's possibly some mod incompatibility I guess. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BxWJPHau1WxfbEV2VXY5QTU0M0E/view?usp=sharing
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