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  1. Yeah, just like me, cuz they move in the trailer. Maybe a pushed back feature due to release issues? Well, those parts are even pretty without movement, so i dont mind that much. Just wanted to mention it.
  2. I am a bit puzzled. I am trying out the tail fin engine and the drill, but they dont move for me. That makes me sad. Firespitter is the latest version ofc. I hope its my stupidity. :/ Edit: the props dont move either.
  3. This is so pretty. T.T Tears of joy flowing down me face. :S
  4. Inpatiently waiting. I am too excited.
  5. Ok, i took a break from ksp after 2k played hours just to read this. Literally, you made my days. As a intense casual gamer (if i can say so myself), thank you for all the work you put into KSP. To say it with Scotts conclusive phrase: Fly safe. :)
  6. maybe use the stock radial intake on the bottom of your plane. Afaik it is sturdy enough to function as a oh-....-water-inc-gear.
  7. That SRB issue: I usually follow the Ariane concept, an efficient first stage with a low price/dV setup with additional SRB to keep right below terminal velocity. With a little bit of fiddling it is no problem to drop those SRBs right after getting a TWR of 1.1. Per se gravity pulls you down to a flattened ascneding vector for direct shots to othee planets leaving you more than enough flexibility in designing your upper stage(s). Almost everything works, just dont exaggerate
  8. the correct dev answer'd be soonâ„¢.
  9. You lost me competely these past pages...but suggestion: let's make a feature cut here and polish it for a release, i can somehat smell the completion of an awesome mod update
  10. Back to something else: it has been mentioned sometimes, do you already have a plan about damage models? Tracks espe ially are perfect for having more than one damage state.
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