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  1. Fellow314

    Things I'm working on

    This is for going up and down from Duna orbit and taking an orange tank either way. Looks like a plane, behaves entirely like a rocket. https://imgur.com/a/2B2nvDY And this is a pointlessly complicated way of getting an orange tank to LKO https://imgur.com/a/2gtSNEr
  2. Fellow314

    TSTO Spaceplane with forward drop tank?

    I did these a while ago, but the tanks are mainly on the side.
  3. Fellow314

    SSTOs! Post your pictures here~

    More OPT shenanigans. Perfectly balanced, 1K Delta V in orbit, handles like a fighter plane. (Although those engines really are quite cheaty, I think.)
  4. Fellow314

    Search for megaship engineers.

    Not quite as epic as some... Called, for some reason, Minotaur. Probably because I've been playing Galactica, Deadlock. Which also probably explains the 'fly-thru' hanger bay, in which are stored three craft (C1, C2 & C3) C1 - Nearly 4K Delta-V, capable of landing on small bodies C2 - Over 3K Delta-V, capable of Duna landing C3 - Short range, but SSTO capable on Kerbin. Probably would do Laythe too All come with parachutes for emergency situations. The mother ship has over 30K Delta-V due to the ludicrous Dark Drive engines. Uses B9 and OPT (and possibly something else, I've lost track.) - I'll post the craft file if anyone wants it. https://imgur.com/a/RPV8f
  5. Fellow314

    Work-in-Progress [WIP] Design Thread

    Inspired by recent events
  6. Fellow314

    Paul Allen Plays KSP

    Can anyone tell me how much DeltaV is saved by launching at 35K feet?
  7. Fellow314

    SSTOs! Post your pictures here~

    Yeah, that sounds about right. I know the lander will suffice for Duna and I think the ssto might be able to make Duna orbit and back. Might need a refuel in orbit for the trip though, which sort of defeats the purpose.
  8. Fellow314

    SSTOs! Post your pictures here~

    SSTO to the moon. Well, sort of The album is definitely not in the right order. Or something. Ho hum.
  9. I like the orbiter design, A lot.
  10. Fellow314

    MSTO - Multi Stage to Orbit

    I built this a while ago. I have no idea if it would still work :)
  11. Fellow314

    KSP Making History

    Given that the cost per hour of my playing KSP is probably down to fractions of pennies and also that I'd like Squad to be able to afford to go on developing the game (and I really don't begrudge them a profit on top of that - the bills must be paid), I;m more than happy to pay for the new content. Very much looking forward to it.
  12. Fellow314

    Work-in-Progress [WIP] Design Thread

    This is going to Jool The planey looking thing is for landing on Laythe, the other thing for landing on everything else. Except Jool itself
  13. Fellow314

    How to make an SSTO that discards its wings?

    Something like this? Which was way back in 0.something. It did discard a little more than just the wings. I had another one that was three stage, but I can't find the pictures
  14. A couple of works in progress.
  15. For lifting up to 18t and delivering it places. Comes with 18t of boilerplate cargo and range extending droptanks. Full of cargo and with the droptanks on it doesn't quite VTO and needs just a little air under the wings to take off. I'd love to tell you that the excellent stability is due to excellent design but there's around a dozen SAS units and, airbrakes are active and the engine gimballing helps. On top of that there's rocket powered RCS units for the hairy moments. http://imgur.com/a/LMbTB https://www.dropbox.com/s/x2m5ibzfxz52jp1/Patagonia XR.craft?dl=0 1-VTOL Panthers 2-VTOL Panther switch mode 3-VTOL Wheezleys 4-Main Panthers 5-Main Panthers switch mode 6-Toggle Cargo Bay 7&8 can be used to switch mode on the outer Panthers for cruising 9&0 toggle the Wheezleys for trimming purposes - shouldn't be needed.