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  1. It seems to work pretty consistently now. It's tight, but LKO somehere between 71 and 75 K (halway to anywhere, right?) is reliably achievable. Launch profile is in the KerbalX link, but if anyone has a better way to get this thing into orbit I'd like to know about it. Actually, I'd like to know if anyone else downloads it and if they can get it in to orbit and / or find an actual use for it. Oh, and the landing gear at the back is so I don't tailstrike. https://kerbalx.com/Fellow314/Cargo-X
  2. I did not know that, thank you! The ramps look better though, especially when they're stacked on top of one another like that. I might try the shock cones, but I much prefer the look of the ramps. I need to fiddle with it a bit before putting it on KerbalX as it only makes orbit one time in two. That's probably more due to my dodgy piloting skills though.
  3. Still somewhat of a work in progress, I need to be sure it consistently makes orbit before posting it proper, this 1100 T flying tin can full of O2 and volatile fuel is capable of lifting about 394 T into orbit. So, if you need to spend a very long time to pointlesly lift an enormous amount of fuel (or other cargo, I guess) into LKO, watch this space.
  4. For putting a llittle over 70T into orbit. I've been trying to build one like this for a long, long time. Flown carefully, it will make orbit -just. It's remarkably stable on the way down but you need to use the RCS during re-entry to get the nose up enough to bleed off speed. The RCS is also used to slide the whole craft up off the cargo once it's released. It even has parachutes for braking purposes. https://kerbalx.com/Fellow314/Cargo-3
  5. Well, you might not be. I was. So I built this because I didn't want to waste anything. The pointlessness of sending a whole SSTO to Duna to launch a tiny little lander to the surface isn't lost on me. But I did it anyway. https://kerbalx.com/Fellow314/Dunatrek
  6. For putting eight Kerbals into orbit really, really quickly, a wildly overpowered SSTO Spaceplane with a name nicked from a throwaway line in an episode of Firefly. https://kerbalx.com/Fellow314/Fast-Burn-Shuttle https://imgur.com/a/DqqOywb
  7. Just an SSTO for getting one orange tank - in old money - into orbit. It's not easy to get into orbit and delta-V is tight once you're there. https://kerbalx.com/Fellow314/SSTO-1 https://imgur.com/a/pE1XxgR
  8. Here it is. I think. This is my first time using KerbalX (I've not been about for quite a while). Let me know if it doesn't work and I'll try to fix it https://kerbalx.com/Fellow314/Cruiser
  9. For cruising round the system with. Two Kerbin capable SSTO's on top. Four Duna capable landers in the holds. You may ask, "What's it for?" That's a really good question. It would be impressive if I didn't need to cheat it into orbit. Maybe I'll try that next.
  10. This is for going up and down from Duna orbit and taking an orange tank either way. Looks like a plane, behaves entirely like a rocket. https://imgur.com/a/2B2nvDY And this is a pointlessly complicated way of getting an orange tank to LKO https://imgur.com/a/2gtSNEr
  11. I did these a while ago, but the tanks are mainly on the side.
  12. More OPT shenanigans. Perfectly balanced, 1K Delta V in orbit, handles like a fighter plane. (Although those engines really are quite cheaty, I think.)
  13. Not quite as epic as some... Called, for some reason, Minotaur. Probably because I've been playing Galactica, Deadlock. Which also probably explains the 'fly-thru' hanger bay, in which are stored three craft (C1, C2 & C3) C1 - Nearly 4K Delta-V, capable of landing on small bodies C2 - Over 3K Delta-V, capable of Duna landing C3 - Short range, but SSTO capable on Kerbin. Probably would do Laythe too All come with parachutes for emergency situations. The mother ship has over 30K Delta-V due to the ludicrous Dark Drive engines. Uses B9 and OPT (and possibly something else, I've lost track.) - I'll post the craft file if anyone wants it. https://imgur.com/a/RPV8f
  14. Can anyone tell me how much DeltaV is saved by launching at 35K feet?
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