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  1. Hey all, I drew these today each took about 10-30 Minutes, some better than others. (Yes I know Earth isn't accurate, I just drew random land) As I said some are better than others, I made these for an Art project in college.
  2. Not a very High-res wallpaper, I made this for my Smartphone
  3. So I did this for a project for College, We're making our portfolios and I decided to draw Jool. this is the Result, only 20 minutes were put into the drawing, It's nothing special.
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S30Rjbd4ito This is the opening sequence to my next video in the 10 ways to die Series! Enjoy! Let me know how you thought it was too, it helps me make them better!
  5. Very nice! Is that with the Earth-sized Kerbin mod? Keep posting guys! This post shall not die
  6. Nah the post isn't dead at all It just got unstickied cause' it was the thread of the month. I'll still be uploading images here
  7. Speaking of challenger it was on the 28th. A bit late but, Rest in peace all those brave people who risked and lost their lives for the pursuit in Human exploration of the Cosmos.
  8. CCCP MIR Station MIR (Missing Shuttle dock module) I had a little debris problem.... which is why it took a while to post it Soyuz/Progress My attempt at a Progress/Soyuz. STS Shuttle Space Shuttle Equinox (Remake of the STS) (B9 Aerospace)
  9. I'm currently working on a MIR Station. Should be finished tomorrow.
  10. Makes you think, doesn't it. Ceres is the aftermath of a failed planet (Blame Jupiter on that one). Imagine if it formed and the whole asteroid belt was a planet, Water plumes, it could have possibly been a an Earth-like planet.
  11. Hey all! A Super nova Explosion was recorded in the last 2 days from the Messier 82 Galaxy, if you're lucky enough (unlike me) to have a clear sky tonight, using some decent binoculars or a Telescope, you should be able to see it. Position of the M82 Galaxy in our night sky. More info on the supernova: http://www.space.com/24369-supernova-star-explosion-amateur-photos.html -Happy Stargazing
  12. Very nice! About the Orion: I prefer the look of the round Solar Pannels, I can easily change them to the "X" though.
  13. Ahh, Apologies for that. I shall edit them out. Edits have been made, again sorry about that
  14. Thanks for the links to the mods, I'd like to see squad add these to the stock parts though.
  15. Nice idea, either that or I hope that they will add Solar Sails.
  16. Hey all, I had a few ideas; 1: Thrust limiters on EVA packs. 2: Fuel dump (switches your throttle into a dump throttle and lets you dump any fuel you don't want) 3: "Tracking lights" Basically a light you can attach to a ship that will follow another ship, say for example; is going to dock with it. I have more my brain couldn't fish out, I'll add them as they come to me.
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