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  1. Any landing you can walk away from is a good landing...
  2. You dont want to fly it low, the plane takes its time to get at high altitude, but it will put you out of most bomber-fighters reach (and will also prevent you from getting targeted first). i've seen Dora 9s at almost 8k meters, believe me the D series are Bf-109 alike, and the Ta 152 flies properly at higher altitudes. The A series: A1- It performs kinda silly, still gotta climb. A4, A5, A5/U2- For the A4 and A5 its best preferred to pursue big targets and BnZ. A5/U2 is kinda like the A1 but has 2 addond pods whit 2 20mm guns on each wing so its play still is to be played depending on how you wanna equip it. A8- Its a monster!, its best preferred againist bombers (AKA bomber shredder by excellency). Its kinda a return to the A4 or A5. F8- NOT INTENDED AS FIGHTER, but they still can shot things down anyway... the thing whit the F8s is that they are mostly ground attackers (and thats the reason why they have a lot of bomb configurations). To get the best from this variant i would recommend to play it at Ground Forces as backup fast bomber. Those are my simplest tips i can give from my time flying most of the A series. Also: The early Bf-109 variants are crappy, the first good one is the F-4 (It used to be my highest scoring plane of WT, now Ki-43-III btw), after that one every Bf-109 becomes a viable option of plane... i just got my K-4 by the way :D.
  3. Trevs, prepare yo' wallet, The later 190s (Which start to be called Doras since they are the "D" Series) Are to be used properly or die whit a painful repair bill they cost a hell, BUT they are still worth, not as armed as their earlier variants but they finally manage to perform as well as a 109 on high altitude (Mostly the Tank Ta 152, which is tricky to play on stock as i heard).
  4. I need Matilda Mk.II in my life..... Well its good to say that the british tanks are pretty versatile to any kind of situation, Just look at the T17E2 armoured car! its a monster
  5. [quote name='gag09']So apparently the P 47 is the best jet fighter...[/QUOTE] The P-47 is pretty able to do anything, so it wont surprise me (Its also undertiered)...
  6. Has anyone played Enduring confrontation? I have learned how to use the G5N pretty well
  7. Now that 1.53 is out i can return to making skins... but first i gotta fix things up This one is going well!
  8. The main problem fighting Yaks and Polikarpovs is mainly that most of times you would like to catch them in turn fight scenarios, the biplanes are probably one of the worst options to turn fight in planes whit a slow turning rate. An the Yak-9T is pretty simple to fight on Boom-N-Zoom maneouvers, but in my opinion (And others too) The Yak-9T/K Flight models are not properly made according how heavier it was to fly compared to their non fridge-launcher able series. Also the Bf 109 series are BnZ fighters, it means that they should gain altitude and dive to attack, if you wont get a hit you repeat the thing. And it seems like the P-40 got its engine nerfed (It sounds pretty dead on 100% to me).
  9. It has IJAAF markings and the research bonus, talking in a technical way its just another of the german one
  10. Look at these results I have no clan if someone wanna recruit...
  11. Most of the early bombers are barely defended, i would stick more to ground attackers than dedicated bombers because the attacker usually have a bigger chance to defend itself Example: Il-2 series and Me 410 B6/R3
  12. Yup, but thats not even offensive compared to other thing i have seen... And the bombers thing is much more about lack of control of your paths and the fact that PBY's are not so "stronk".
  13. Today i decided to unlock the Yak-1B's stuff Gaijin owes me this the Lydia's skin and her flower decal by now :T
  14. si las instalaciones del centro de seguimiento siguen en nivel 1 no te darán la opción de las maniobras, en el segundo nivel te dará los "Patched Conics" que muestran con mayor detalle las predicciones orbitales de ingreso al SOI de otras entidades y las maniobras orbitales y en el 3er y ultimo nivel la capacidad de dar seguimiento a objetos como asteroides.
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