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  1. I tried re-installing after I read through the posts a bit about the VAB having the staging icon not showing up and I still have the problem. When I fresh start the game, my cost for a new vessel is 0, but when I go through the tabs and reach the tab with the RealChute parts, it suddenly jumps to -2000 cost... (I kind of what to exploit this) but more importantly, in the debug log I got an NRE after loading into the VAB, which I believe caused the negative vessel cost... Has this already been covered and I just haven't seen it?EDIT: I removed RealChute and it is now the Stayputnik probe core
  2. Waste heat is going to be a pain to deal with... every solar panel has a storage space for waste heat...
  3. Yes on screen is came up correctly. just in the log did it screw up.
  4. Also! In my flight log, when a xenon tank was leaking is just read out: "A tank of is leaking"
  5. The game runs a bit more smoothly now with the subspace cap lowered... but thing is, it won't go lower than 0.305 and I want to set it to 0.300 so that the +20ms/s error will stop accumulating.. And it's sad because I have a decent computer too: HP Pavilion 500. If I had the option to manually set the subspace speed that would be awesome!
  6. Ippo, I think I found a bug.. but it's really useful to me and I kinda dont want it patched... But I send up shipments of xenon sometimes to my station and there are A LOT of xenon tanks... so every mission at least one of them punctures. So what I do is I disable fuel flow in all tanks and even though a tank is punctured, the leak stops!
  7. OK, so this is pretty much game breaking for me.... The game keeps syncing every 5 seconds and trying to dock becomes almost impossible as the ships wants to be inside the station and ends up blowing things up, as well as trying to get kerbals to maneuver around it is impossible and got a kerbal stuck inside the station where the game told him to **** off and go home... he is now de-orbiting and re-entering. Why is this happening and how can I fix it? I pretty much can't play the game until this issue gets fixed...
  8. My rockets do the same sometimes when I'm out in space, they will cut throttle then restore it from half as it was cutting, it runs a bit slow because idk why. But the debug menu says it is running at 1.5x warp speed.
  9. Nope, even with the dev version the current error continues to go up on my ship as it nears the station and it jumps to sync every time it hits 5000ms. It's a slower process now, but it's still there and its still deadly... What now?
  10. I might have to wait until 1.5 to come out until i can dock again.. ETA on 1.5 release date? EDIT: Getting DEV now and going to reboot up all my stuffs... what all do you have summed up for for 1.5?
  11. I am building a space station in orbit and it's getting really difficult to deal with since the game keeps skipping (syncing) every 5 or so seconds and its making everything jump at once... how can I get around this so that I can dock things safely? EDIT: Aaaaaand there goes the power supply my power station for the third time.... For some reason when I pull up the debug for DMP, and I' m watching the current error, which syncs every 5 seconds, and I switch to my station, it doesn't sync up every 5 seconds, the error just keeps going and going, but when I switch to another craft the error rese
  12. Just ran the DMP updater on my server and it gives me the error that my file or directory is damaged or corrupt... Also, I have tried re-downloading the server files but it still does the same thing when I update it.
  13. I'm starting a space station and I'm getting failures (deadly ones, like monoprop and oxidizer leaks) every second launch if I'm lucky... i want some failures to happen but not this often... it's causing way too much grief for the program and kerbals (Excluding Jeb) have been rioting outside my space centre, please help me... EDIT: All my modules that I send to my space station are unmanned... so that's even worse..
  14. Another idea would be that there should be a chance that equipment could have "Manufacturing" flaws which may cause it to fail, IRL that happens alot.And just in time for 0.24 and it's budget system, you could pay money for "Quality Assurance" which will lessen the chances, or even eliminate the chance of initial failure. If you do add any of my ideas in, pm me and let me know. Thanks and keep up the good work, I see potential in this mod. <3
  15. Your OP says "Direction of Thurst" instead of "Thrust" So I couldn't help but picture the kerbals having to face a certain direction to drink water... XD
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