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  1. monophonic

    The Astro-Imaging Thread

    From pocket change to small country budgets. Cheap end can be say a smartphone on an ocular holder and a small scope on a motorized mount. Fancy coordinate seeking scope mounts, specialized cameras and powerful computers for processing can be as expensive as you can imagine and more. This is doable at every price level.
  2. monophonic

    NASA SLS/Orion/Payloads

    And that, kids, is why you must be very careful with how you use quotation marks.
  3. But was that dV calculated with an atmospheric nozzle? If so would a vacuum nozzle bring enough extra to allow a LOR profile mission? I am intrigued as the idea of using NS as a LEM has occurred to me too.
  4. Paywalled, can we have a 1 sentence summary?
  5. monophonic

    For Questions That Don't Merit Their Own Thread

    "Flying in weird trajectories to burn out excessive fuel" is exactly what GEMS is. You would use a D-5 (or Bulava) on Mars for exactly the same reason you would use a BDM-1 or Armata in place of a bespoke Mars optimized fighting vehicle.
  6. monophonic

    For Questions That Don't Merit Their Own Thread

    Yes, Armata would be a better starting point. You wont even do extra work vacuum proofing the power train, since you have to fix that first anyway. Some newer IFVs feature unmanned turrets too, if you need more space and/or don't need that extreme armor protection or big gun an MBT has. Of course ground drones are a thing and there are armed ones too. So, maybe you can just do away with the meatbags and their cumbersome needs entirely.
  7. monophonic

    Probability Puzzle

    D'oh. Obviously the other kid exists in a quantum superposition of a boy and a girl. Therefore the probability of him being also a boy is 1 until we try to observe him. At that point he will collapse into one or the other gender and is not also a boy any more.
  8. monophonic

    For Questions That Don't Merit Their Own Thread

    Unfortunately no. The deep wading kit includes a giant pressurised rubber ring to seal the turret ring against water leak. Other openings including the muzzle of the cannon are likewise sealed shut. These preparations make moving the turret or shooting the cannon impossible, which in itself is only a problem if you plan to engage in combat of course. The engine air intake and exhaust are directed to and from the surface through a snorkel. There is also a bilge pump to remove any water that still manages to leak in. Many a military has decided this is too much of a hassle and risk to bother, compared to e.g. building pontoon bridges. So the tanks are not completely airtight. The NBC protection system works by pulling in air from the outside through a filter system. It pulls in enough to keep a small overpressure inside the vehicle, which ensures any leaks flow from inside to outside therefore keeping any toxic and/or radioactive materials outside the vehicle. In a vacuum you would be hard pressed to store enough air in the vehicle to last any useful lenght of time. Now those submarines are a better bet on that front. For a few days at least, I suspect the vacuum and abrasive dust would do a number on the seals. Harder to get them moving without liquid water on the surface though. Workaround is to program the missile so the PE of that orbit is underground and the trajectory crosses the surface downwards at the target point. It's just math, even if it's hard math.
  9. monophonic

    For Questions That Don't Merit Their Own Thread

    Deep wading equipment is available for at least Abrams and Leopard 2 tanks. So yes. But the operation itself is not nearly as useful as it is often depicted. You don't normally have concrete entry and exit ramps and smooth solid bottom in rivers, like e.g. soviets liked to use in their demonstrations. Nor is the equipment itself armoured to any degree, so using it under fire is not a good idea. Therefore few armies practise with nor even acquire this equipment for their tanks.
  10. monophonic

    A clockwork Venusian rover - AREE

    It would have mechanisms that make it back up and go around if it hits something it cannot climb over. They are also developing silicon carbide based electronics that could withstand the punishment. They have reached 21 hours before failure in a test chamber so far. All this according to the print article I read recently.
  11. monophonic

    A clockwork Venusian rover - AREE

    Yeah, but you have messed up all your isotopic composition experiment results. I don't think the exogeologists will consider that a worthwhile trade even considering the dust samples they got.
  12. I do wonder whether the redshift from having to climb up from that almost black hole gravity well is negligible or significant at outer planets' distances. Towards the last moments of the collapse of course, I know at the starting normal situation it isn't significant. Unfortunately I am not currently at a situation where I can personally do any calculations.
  13. monophonic

    Pressurized underground natural caverns?

    +1 for adressing the actual question rather than some imagined far fetched idea of a question.
  14. monophonic

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    At that RPM the stars will be whizzing past the window at rate equivalent to trees by the road flashing by a car at the reckless pace of 10mph. I am terribly sorry but anyone that susceptible to motion sickness may just have to forego any hope of visiting Mars until torch ships become practical. Now the coriolis effects and rotation itself are another matter entirely and their effect easily dwarfs that of the view outside. In fact covering the window won't do anything except possibly make things worse. Seeing the stars moving just may let the brain reconcile the feeling of rotation with the apparent stillness of the body by understanding that the entire room is in fact rotating.
  15. monophonic

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Musk's secret new plan to master asparagus staging perhaps?