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  1. LM Descent Stages Today?

    Could one make use of the eight SuperDracos on the D2? Pack extra fuel in the trunk and run some extra fuel lines? They are the LES after all, so they cannot be removed despite NASA wanting parachute splashdowns instead of powered landings.
  2. Star Trek Mirror Mirror tech the "Agony Booth"

    No. We are going to skip right past to the next better thing, and people are going to have them put on all voluntarily. Think having your brain connected directly to the Internet, and vice versa. Elon Musk's Neuralink is working hard to make the neural lace from sir Iain M. Banks' Culture series a reality. The ultimate smart phone, which Banks himself portrayed as the ultimate torture device, it was the crown jewel in GCU Grey Area's collection of those. There won't be even any need to attain physical presence with the torturee, just log/break in to his/her brain and start up whatever horror script you feel like bestowing on the hapless victim...
  3. Arianespace launch thread

    I doubt they do magnetic navigation at all. Inertial or INS+GPS most likely. I just thought someone may have made a declination correction where unwarranted, and that could be how wrong numbers got into the computers. Pure unadulterated speculation so far of course, there will be an investigation and a report in due time.
  4. Arianespace launch thread

    Interesting detail. According to magnetic declination at the launch site is -18° 14' which is very close but opposite to the error in launch azimuth. I would hazard a guess that range safety might be wary of blowing up an otherwise nominally functioning rocket so close to but still inside the edge of the permitted zone. There would be a definite risk of possibly toxic debris falling into the safe zone. The boosters and core splash zones were way outside the indicated areas though. It cannot be an easy job being a range safety officer.
  5. ISRO Thread

    Contact with ICEYE-1 was also established soon after launch. Reports say.
  6. SpaceX Discussion Thread

    There was some talk about the first launch window possibly aiming really close to the orbit of a previously launched government satellite. Any idea if there were such "coincidences" this time around yet?
  7. Who owns Telstar?

    Varies by nation. Generally a considerable time has to pass before the ownership and responsibility (for e.g. environmental damage from leaking fuel or oil) expires. Typically the wreck then becomes the property of the state rather than free-for-all. International waters are of course something of an unclear position. That is why the wreck of the Estonia was covered with gravel, for example. They wanted to prevent looters from disturbing what is in effect a burial ground.
  8. Interstellar Interloper (A/2017 U1)

    I haven't seen the last jedi! Although I do instantly recognize Mon Calamari esthetics even if it hits me in the head, from behind, with full broadside. And I am sensitive enough in hollywood economics force to know said esthetics would feature in said motion picture. Nothing actually spoilt for me then. The tears were just because I haven't seen the movie.
  9. SpaceX Discussion Thread

    9th in 2015, behind such superpowers as Brazil and Italy, according to one of the many lists here: I don't think Russia alone, without the other soviet republics, has ever been in the top 3.
  10. Revelations of the Kraken (Chapter 16: One Night in Bangkong)

    You evil sadist tortureminded devil! You kraken! This bit felt so sad it almost physically hurt me. I hope you're pleased now! Personal sensitivities aside some top class wordcraft there, again. Well written!
  11. SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Actually I think it would make perfect sense. Since the titanium fins are reusable, they benefit from reduced stress with increased service life. But the aluminum fins are toast even after the less stressful re-entry, so no point in pampering them.
  12. NASA SLS/Orion/Payloads

    And why the very hot place did they not figure that stuff out before flight?! Doesn't seem very competent now does it?
  13. For Questions That Don't Merit Their Own Thread

    Obligatory Cody's Lab video:
  14. How to evolve a organic ship / Thruster.

    By a breeding program of course. Whether that should be considered directed evolution or crude bioengineering is altogether another discussion. Picking the starting species should be a lot of fun too. I guess it should already have developed a controlled ability to squirt something that could be selected for propulsion. "I always dreamed of conquering the starts. But I never expected to do it with ships that are, technically, skunks."
  15. This actually does sound like a plausible root cause. Still wicked, though. Gorram thing now won't load the preview when posting from browser! In short: Programmed for Baikonur, launched from Vostochny.