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  1. How to evolve a organic ship / Thruster.

    By a breeding program of course. Whether that should be considered directed evolution or crude bioengineering is altogether another discussion. Picking the starting species should be a lot of fun too. I guess it should already have developed a controlled ability to squirt something that could be selected for propulsion. "I always dreamed of conquering the starts. But I never expected to do it with ships that are, technically, skunks."
  2. This actually does sound like a plausible root cause. Still wicked, though. Gorram thing now won't load the preview when posting from browser! In short: Programmed for Baikonur, launched from Vostochny.
  3. What happens is ... umm ... well, you better check it out for yourself. (The table of contents is rather long by now, the first H launches are at the bottom of the first post.)
  4. Dark Gravity discussion

    Is the balloon analogy still applicable? It has been so long since I first heard it half of the "understandable explanations" have since been pointed and laughed at.
  5. SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Ah, the little grey cells are working. There is no fairing issue. All this Zuma fuss was a testing and dress rehearsal for the magic school bus (sized) payload on the inaugural Falcon Heavy launch. or maybe not.
  6. KSP Weekly: Edwin Hubble

    Assume false secret identity: check. Sorry, store buyer here. No steam account to spy on for you. (confession: I haven't even seen THX-1138 ever. I really should dig out a copy.)
  7. KSP Weekly: Edwin Hubble

    Squad was not bought by Take Two. KSP and the kerbal franchise were. Squad is continuing development of KSP as an independent contractor for Take Two. That means Take Two is really interested in KSP and other possible products inspired by it. It's not like some other acquisitions in the past where a publisher bought a start up studio that had an interesting game in the works and put them to make Generic First Person Shooter part 1138 instead.
  8. What the heck is flying over my area?

    @Vanamonde have you checked airtraffic24 for what was recorded at the time and location? Anything civilian owned that resembles a military jet should have their transponder on. US militaries also sometimes fly with transponders on, especially when they are transiting along busy routes. So there's a decent chance that this flight was caught in the receivers.
  9. ALIEN SKIES: A 6.4-scale playthrough of GPP/Rald

    Perhaps you should have sent them proper soap too! Well, I did really read that bit wrong that way and thought to share my, ahem, amusing moment. Didn't intend to slight you or your story in any way.
  10. ALIEN SKIES: A 6.4-scale playthrough of GPP/Rald

    This is what I read, and took me minutes to notice the correct wording, swear! Anything with nuts in it is definitely foul, too!
  11. For Questions That Don't Merit Their Own Thread

    That's what I thought, but did not feel adequate to talk against quoted scientists without backup. Thanks!
  12. For Questions That Don't Merit Their Own Thread

    Can you really negate the gyroscopic effect by placing an identical wheel that rotates in the other direction next to the original wheel? (Yes, I started wondering this reading the bicycle stability thing in the random facts thread.)
  13. You need to read other threads in this forum too.
  14. Star Wars - Machete Order - Where Does Rogue One Fit In?

    Machete agrees with @TheSaint, see
  15. KSP Weekly: The (Munar) Lunar Space Station

    Try the suggestions forum, maybe?