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  1. thx - i try it About whell (so, its fairy dark image): "backrest" - its "Google Translator creation", I'm writing to the translator Some things then sound different, as they are thought
  2. I downloaded the plugin, tried it in the game visual design I like A- - B, functionality as C, vehicles fit into the game environment. - The cabin does not have an interior, Kerbal is not displayed and can not leave the vehicle. ( In my assembly of plugins - maybe) - Wheels are suitable for smaller vehicles, for larger vehicles it seems too narrow. I propose to extend by 1/4 - 1/3 and accordingly to adjust other parts or suspensions of wheels. (I know - animated vehicles in the game are only cardboard backdrops ...) - cargo parts could be "functional" (KAS + KIS, fuel in tanks) - Would like some backrests, telescopic legs or something similar with a much greater adhesion to the surface, the braked vehicle slowly moves (~ meter per minute-two). It could be connected to the motor function - the engine is off, the braking is strong, the engine is running, the brake is normal. - Lights could be functional and separate as a separate work - lights on texture can visually remain. I tried SXT interiors - more less would fit, but they are out of position and are too small, too low. Width and depth suit, cab equipment are from standard parts (SQUAD), except cab model itself
  3. @blackheart612 Excuse me, But you understand that badly. I do not want to redesign, enlarge, all parts, I just suggest creating some parts for "large transport mechanisms".
  4. Thanks for a good plugin. An idea for parts: It would also be a red color variant - for firefighting vehicles - an "service cabin" for three kerbals, with a driver seat on the middle - small service cabin for right side - an flat platform for external command seat I have tried to build vehicles similar to those in the game. So I created some parts wider than standard. The result is rather unsatisfactory - the vehicle is too low, flat. The second step was Rescale = 1.3333 - IMHO the result looks pretty good
  5. I count similar experience: MC give my at the same time two "rescue mission" - one on Kerbin low orbit, second on Mun high retrograde orbit with high inclination. Mission to Kerbin low orbit was OK. But for the mission of the Mun high retrograde orbit countdown of oxygen, food and water has begun immediately. The numbers werered in all time of the operation, the last value was minus two days and some seconds. Kerby was killed during the final approach of rescue vessels. Mission failed... somehow as "died by air toxicity". ----------------------------------------------- Otherwise: Thank the author for this mod. Provides entertainment while playing and also inspired me to couple my own creation.
  6. (Translator) The problem is - how to adjust the heat source (reactor, ModuleCoreHeat), which will be with a "reasonable" number of coolers (from vanila game) operate without overheating. Model the propagation of heat in the game does not allow "forced cooling" for the reactor, so "steady state" can be achieved, but it takes a very long time. Transition state is unstable and reacts to speed up the time in an unpredictable manner. About tanks - no idea.
  7. problém s angličtinou, okrem iného...