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  1. While the download from Curse wasn't working, I was able to find a .zip of the latest version - A.02f - on another site and install that. Confirmed that everything seems to work exactly as expected. Bring on the tiny satellites for 1.1!
  2. I'll give it a shot this evening and post a trip report ASAP. Edit: Well, I would if the download link on Curse was working...
  3. Wondering if anyone else has tried this in the 1.1pre yet.
  4. KSP Interstellar has quite a few dedicated radiator parts.
  5. The Probodobodyne RoveMate is now a probe core as well.
  6. Given how common it is on real-world probes to have a backup low-gain antenna that can be used just like this, what if the option was available, but depended on having an omni antenna active? If your probe is dish-only, then you're SOL - poor design decision. If your omni isn't active or you're out of power - too bad, you turned off the backup and you're SOL. But if there is an active omni, available power, and clear LOS to a command station that has the range to reach the probe normally, then it can be used to reorient the high-gain antenna - just like on real-world craft. No other flight control, because this is a super-low bitrate we're talking about, but just enough to point the dish and regain full connectivity. I'd further suggest that the integrated omni in probe cores wouldn't count for this purpose. If you want a backup system, you pay for it in funds, part count, and power. Thoughts?
  7. Awesome! I'm quitting smoking this weekend, and counting on KSP to help get me through those first couple days. And I just can't play without this mod. Go, baby, go!
  8. All engines to 9000%. Trajectory nominal.
  9. In honor of the release, SpaceX is prepping the Falcon 9 HypeRocket for launch today: