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  1. DPAI UPDATED 100%+ credit and thanks go to @micha for this release. Version 6.8.5 - 2019-12-24 Compiled for KSP 1.8.1 [fixed] Stock Toolbar icon showing up in different scenes (main menu). [update] Defaults to using Stock Toolbar. https://spacedock.info/mod/543/Docking Port Alignment Indicator https://www.curseforge.com/kerbal/ksp-mods/docking-port-alignment-indicator
  2. @HebaruSan Awesome. Let's leave it as-is then. Not sure what I was seeing differently, but thank you nonetheless and sorry to bother ya!
  3. Not only is DPAI fully working in KSP v 1.8.1..... Apparently it's compatible with KSP 2 as well: See timestamp 3:40....... Look familiar?
  4. DPAI Updated Huge props to @micha for most of this Version 6.8.4 - 11/30/19 [update] Recompiled for KSP 1.8.1 [update] Rebuilt bitmap font file to fix kerning. More work needs to be done, however. [update] Merged all downstream 'mkw' changes into Master Branch (see below): [fixed] RPM MFD Display would not work unless DPAI UI app was toggled visible at least once [fixed] Module Manager warnings [change] Removed "DPAI Settings.cfg" [fixed] Minor code refactor which removed a potential null-reference exception.
  5. @strider3 This video has a better tutorial. The one linked by @VoidSquid is pretty inaccurate (though more entertaining :))
  6. That's managed through SpaceDock, can't say for sure. If it hasn't updated within an hour I'd be surprised.
  7. Dockers, Here's the long awaited update to KSP 1.6.1. I am sorry it has been so long. @linuxgurugamer @Casvah @micha and everyone else.... thank you for your offers of assistance. I'm going to do better about maintaining this mod (I know, I know.. we've heard that one before ;-) ), so let's hold off on any transition plans for the time being. And now... DPAI Updated to 6.8.3: Version 6.8.3 - 03/03/18 [updated] Recompiled for KSP 1.6.1 [fixed] RPM MFD Display would not work unless DPAI UI app was toggled visible at least once [fixed] Module Ma
  8. @TheBeesSteeze @Ser I have found a solution to the same problem that works on my pc. Here's what I did: Steam Properties for KSP -> Launch Options -> Remove anything in there (I had '-popupwindow' ) Launch KSP Under settings -> Graphics -> *Disable* Fullscreen -> click Accept Use Borderless Gaming to 'Make Borderless' the running KSP application. Restart KSP Let me know if it works for you! Navy
  9. If you're willing to help set that up it could be a really good thing for this plugin. I have really neglected DPAI for most of this/last year. Not going to go into the details but there have been some large shifts in my personal/professional life that have basically eliminated any free time I used to have for playing video games. I honestly haven't played KSP other than to test the mod since early 2015. I've been reticent to completely hand over the mod to another developer for maintenance but perhaps it is time to do so as I clearly have not prioritized updates into the rest of my sch
  10. I'm sorry guys! I was called away for an unexpected assignment, I won't be back stateside until mid January. Please use the unofficial build for now: https://github.com/mwerle/DockingPortAlignmentIndicator As much as I appreciate the offer to donate (more), unfortunately I do not think it will speed up the process this time around. Damn. But thank you regardless
  11. Hello all, Expected to have a release out a couple weeks ago but obviously that did not happen. Much travel for business and personal reasons as of late. Hopefully anyone having issues with the official can use an unofficial release for now. Apologies. Not that you should trust my release predictions anymore, but I'll be back home next Thurs, and putting out an update truly has inched its way very close to the top of my personal 'to-do' list. Need moar hours/day. Navy
  12. That's what I was thinking. Thanks for being protective of the thread, @micha. This is indeed an (endorsed) exception, so no worries.
  13. Hello docking peoples! @micha was kind enough to recompile DPAI for 1.5.1, as well as clean up debug log errors, increment the version, and add an option to the in-game DPAI settings menu to control the toolbar icon placement (blizzy vs stock). The latest official release version remains functional, but may spam your debug build logs and will nag you about the version. ( @Sma @Sprintlooser let us know if it fixes your icon issues... I recommend doing a fresh install of DPAI if it doesn't) I will publish a new version to SpaceDock/CurseForge/CKAN incorporating all of these changes s
  14. I just updated via spacedock, no change to the file. Does this end up incrementing the ksp-avc file as well? if not I'll have to release a new version, with the version file having a ksp Max version of 1.4.99 or something to that effect. (that won't happen until next week at the earliest, travel) if you manually edit the .version file in the dpai folder you'll get rid of that nag. don't know if crashes are related to DPAI without logs thanks @micha not something I can fix right now but next time I'm in Dev mode I will have a look. this codebase is
  15. CKAN updated via spacedock, no new packaged released. Hadn't realized 1.4.3 was out I need to push an update of the distribution with a tweak to handle upcoming MM syntax changes but am not in a position to do so. Expect an (actual) update soonish
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