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  1. I have a problem with upgrades. I have added a comment to the bug on the GitHub
  2. Hi guys, I am playing so I wanted to scale LV parts for it. Because I am lazy I've created a simple script in dart. to run it copy it into and run, it will generate scales. I think only thing which needs manual edit is a TLV_0_Fin_1 because it should be free scale.
  3. Works! I was able to add Liquid as a second mode to most of the engines. Some of them already use switch for Xenon/Argon modes. Not sure how to make them accept more fuels, I will have a look at KSPIE.
  4. Hi, I am having difficulty calculating Delta-V for LqdArgon. I don't know the exchange rate of LqdArgon -> ArgonGas. MechJeb doesn't pickup LqdArgon either. Is there a way to make ICT tanks show Gas in VAB even if part will have Lqd?
  5. @cxg2827 False alarm, it is some other mod breaking all solar panels. I've removed all other mods and now panels work.
  6. Panels don't show menu allowing to open/close. I was using version you have patched recently for APAS not connecting. If you can't replicate I will try to clear install and try again.
  7. Installing from SpaceDock zip fails as well.
  8. After last patch APAS doesn't connect anymore. Anyone with the same issue?