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  1. Good news, this project is not abandoned, just a bit on the side burner. I'm getting married in a month so more important things have taken it's place for the time being. But after I get back from the honeymoon, I will be full steam ahead again. I still have no luck in finding someone to make an enclosure though. Would still need assistance in that field. Thanks guys!
  2. The jumpers dont increase the size of the board due to there needing to be some sort of IC on the board, so this is still the cheapest solution. The 238's are 29cents without a bulk order.
  3. There is adequate room for clips on the displays, but the next pass will have mounting holes. There has been adjustment on the Display PCBs so this was just the real prototype. The next pass will be more the final, but i'd like to have a Enclosure to base it around before I dispatch my order.
  4. HCT238 they go for about 29cents a pop, as opposed to the MAX7219, i think they are well over a buck each?
  5. Heh, that's why I am reaching out to the community, I'm not particularly good with that sort of thing.
  6. I use mutiplexing, the controller can drive 64 7 Segment LED's as well as 6 Analog displays for literally a fraction of the price. The main goal of the entire project is to give the end user a great versatile product and keep it within a budget based price.
  7. Hmm... I really like where you are going with this... In fact this is what I am going to do
  8. Hello all! As many of you may know me as the person developing KSP Display I'm having a bit of trouble and am reaching out to anyone in the community with the expertise of physically creating an enclosure. As I am not sure which portion of the forum this best suits due to the fact that it really is a request as to anyone who can do enclosure fabrication, I decidedly chose the General forum. If there is a better suited sub-forum I apologize. For all of you who have no idea what I am talking about here is the latest video of what has been accomplished thus far... If anyone who knows of any
  9. Information for taking a stab at the enclosure The Display Boards are 103.81x41.91 mm, The actual 7 Segment LED's come off the base of that board are 8mm in depth and 25x19.05mm per 2 LED's (They are in packages of 2 so a board with 8 LEDs it's 25mm in width * 4), the Actual Control board is 76.45x76.45 mm. The individual 6 analog displays are 64x56mm and need 57mm of clearance in depth.
  10. I would love to see what the community comes up with.
  11. Thanks guys but im seriously looking for someone, or anyone I can give detailed dimensions to. If they come up with some nice design I wouldn't mind sending them a prototype for fitting.
  12. **Update** 9/5/2013 The mainboard PCB's came in and are assembled, here is what they look like all soldered up! The Main LED Display Boards went Out for Printing today, here are the Fab pic's! Changes I changed the 7 Segment LED's to all Bright Green LED's (Looks more Apolloish and better) I've created custom inlays for each of the 6 Analog Displays I'm Still looking for anyone in the community who can do Enclosure Fabrications - I Will send them a Prototype if they can help me out in this area! Once the Display Board's come in I will post a Video with a fully assembled KSP Display
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