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  1. Hiya! Tried using my best Googlefu, but couldn't find an answer - Is there a way to "cheat" with this mod and just "have" the planet biome/terrain info automatically available? I sort of burnt out on the probe/scanning gameplay way back in the day, and I'm looking for a more 1.2 ish experience, but without the hassle of none of my mods working anymore.
  2. It's dated, but check out realistic progression lite - that mod did solve interesting things with experiments
  3. NASA is developing this technology currently. There are some engineering challenges to overcome in the construction of the chute, but this is possible. It's not really a cure all by any means, but it's a valid methodology. I'm not 100% sure why this hasn't been attempted on previous mars missions, but I suspect that intended delivery mass is a factor - the less you weigh, the easier it is to enter the atmosphere, so it may have just been that it was easier to engineer an effective lightweight heat shield than a parachute for the relatively light payloads we've sent to the surface so far.
  4. Yes. I've been waiting my entire kerbal career for this.
  5. Honestly the fact that kerboscript does not tell you which variable is undefined is a far more important issue to address - if you fix that then this whole problem and many like it disappear.
  6. Not sure if it's worth the trouble, especially considering how crazy ksp is with it's coordinate system, but it might be worth checking out the vecdraw stuff they've made for the KoS plugin - it renders properly in the map view independently of camera angle
  7. My experience worth RO and KoS was km_gimbal that was preventing kos from working properly with prior RO installs - KoS autopilot wouldn't invoke gimbal control. Aerodynamic, RCS, and pod torque worked fine. .24 RO has removed km gimbal as stock has added roll control to default. This isn't definitive or anything, just my observations.
  8. How is the list pulling the completion criteria? Will this work worth nodded contracts?
  9. I think the real question is whether or not we have telemetry data accurate enough to make an inter-stellar orbital transfer... We're all Kerbal players here, we know it's not just a matter of pointing at your target and hitting 'go.' You have to take into account orbital mechanics - What's the center of gravity or respective stars are orbiting? The galactic center, but not exactly? How are we going to fine tune our escape trajectory so that we don't spend absurd amounts of DV on mid-flight correction burns, when we're close enough to see how horrifyingly off-target we are? Granted, we are pretty good at extrapolating telemetry data, but we're talking several exponential leaps past distances we've dealt with before - This is a non inconsiderable navigational hurdle.
  10. I think it's unquestionably true that modders have created more gameplay content than Squad at this point. Which I will point out is utterly unsurprising, given that modders outnumber Squad by at minimum a dozen to one, and that they are focused almost completely on providing content, and not any of the rest of the million different things that go into being responsible for developing the core product. I still remember the first time I pegged a solid Mun landing, or how the light-bulb really came on when I started understanding which directions to burn to have a given effect on my orbit. I remember how much I learned about space travel, and how much of what I already knew about the history of manned spaceflight made so much more sense because this game gave me the chance to play with those concepts, and presented them to me in a simple, easy to understand manner. Mods didn't do any of that. That was the core game all the way. I think that you're also SEVERELY underestimating how much more difficult it is to make this game from the ground up than to mod it after the fact.
  11. Please tell me this mod is still alive.... I love this concept so much and I really hope it keeps going...
  12. I'm sorry, we seem to be suffering from a rather profound miscommunication. I don't think it's really necessary to pick sticky case examples - As you made mention of earlier, those are bound to change soon as kOs grows - I mean literally, there are people who don't know what a data object IS. The idea that you could do something like KERBIN:POSITION at all is foreign to people who are new to this stuff. They don't understand what the colons are representing there, conceptually, or that it's the same basic idea as ETA:NODE. I don't mean tutorials on all data objects, I mean A tutorial on the concept of objects that have sub-properties. Let people refer to documentation to work out sticky particulars.