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  1. To track the objects in range and apply force, could I use the code that gives docking ports a magnetic attraction, but without the docking of the two ships (were the game counts it as one vessel)? Maybe I can increase the range and force of the magnetic like field to the equivalent of 1G. Also, what I meant by enabling friction was to just simulate friction instead of full atmosphere. Just slow down relative to target at a consent rate regardless of current speed. So I guess "simulate a simplistic atmosphere" might of bin a better choice of words on my part. As for Kerbals walking around it would be nice, but I rather try to get it to work with crafts first before even thinking about Kerbals. Because I'm aware of that nightmare.
  2. So currently I trying to figure out away to make an Orbital Runway mod, at the cost of Electric charge get structural plats to give off a gravity field with a small SOI (like gravity plats from Star Trek). Two mods come to mind with this kind of ability Asteroids 2.4 and Anti-gravity room. Both the download links don't work and the authors seems to have abandoned it. Secondly I might be pushing it, an Atmospheric shell. If you don't know what they are there like a force field that holds in air on a space craft while still letting craft fly in and out an open door Darth Vader docks at death star. I personal was thinking of just locally enabling friction on other craft, vs fully simulating and Atmosphere. I don't know, any suggestions?
  3. Unfortunately 0.8.0 and up's page don't load at lest for me. Sham since I had downloaded 0.11.0 from this page a year or two back and can no longer find it on my hard drive which I should probably clean up now. But I would really like a copy if any one could help me with that. There are a few other versions I would like as well, but if I can at lest get hold of 0.11.0 for now that would be nice. I wanted to try to do a flight to the Mun with out the indicators. Since it was quite fun spending the greater part of today trying to get a some what stable orbit in 0.7.3.
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