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  1. I'm making modular plane parts similar to the Canadair CL-215 and PBY Catalina Edit: Yes like a shuttle
  2. The goal this company is bring back old tech. Here's some of my models: Update: I've taken the advice of Cpt. Kipard and spent more time on the model(because the previous ones took 20 mins compared to 1.5-2 hours). Here ye go: http://imgur.com/a/Reaw2#3 I think this shows the extent of my basic ability, other "mod worthy" models will be released soon. ps: how do you post pics like other posts
  3. As you know this is a thread is for hand drawn fan art, I would like to see your works of art and if you don't to draw or if you don't want people see your magnificent drawing skills I will take requests and draw your imagination in the best way possible. I hope to see others here soon:) http://postimg.org/image/takt7ius5/ : Kracken Attack! My first post
  4. Good news everyone, someone has released a modding plugin to KMP! Here's the link, http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/57284-All-OS-Java-KMP-mod-Builder-V1-0-7-nov-2013 Modding is now easier!
  5. (To warn you this challenge is a little odd, please don't get mad if you think this is stupid) The challenge is to draw or recreate a drawing, picture or blueprint a person has posted before you in KSP. Rules: 1. Only draw and use stock parts 2. Make sure to make a clear drawing 3: Please name the drawing so people know what it is and/or what to name it 4. Please label parts if they aren't obvious Example: Bill has made a blueprint of Kerbal X on a sheet of paper, he will now take picture of it and upload it to the forums. After that process Bob will see this and try to make a exact copy of it
  6. This challenge is fairly hard and fun, my problem is the walking motion. Does anyone have any tips?
  7. How do you change the camera view once you hit the water. Every time I try to fix this I still get a fixed camera angle.
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