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  1. Does anybody remember the name of the mod that allows you to activate engines that are in fairings? I had a weird issue where I had a craft with engines pointing toward the top and bottom and one set is off while the other is on, and when I turned one off it wouldn't let me turn it on because it was apparently 'occluded' or whatever it said.
  2. [quote name='Mr C']Can you link the info on how to delete individual textures? I've been searching for forever and haven't been able to figure it out. :( There are a few of the new textures that I'd like to be able to use such as the new inline intake and the mk1 cockpit, but still keep the rest of Ven's gorgeous parts. Cheers[/QUOTE] This info would be appreciated by me as well!
  3. [quote name='Borogove']No, I've added and removed a lot of stuff. I suppose I could try freshening up. UPDATE: Reinstalled KSP, re-CKANed, and it works now. Thanks.[/QUOTE] I'm getting that issue too, not sure what I did wrong... I guess I'll just try again. I figure out what it was I'll post it. Edit oh wait, redownload ksp...
  4. For instance, my abort action for the initial stage is supposed to shutdown the main engine, decouple the solids and fire the thrusters to separate them from the core booster, decouple the landing pod and fire the escape tower. The groups are right, it's just some of the commands don't fire. The main engine does not shut down, the solids do not decouple and the sep motors to push them away do not fire. The escape tower and decoupling on the pod do work however. So it's only some of the commands that don't work. How would I go about generating logs for this? Launch a ship, fire the abort comman
  5. Right, we all know that. I guess I was wondering if anybody knew a way around it. Even in space my stuff explodes from 4x physics warp for some reason. However it does result in lolz
  6. Has anybody noticed/discussed super fast heating during 4x physics warp? A lot of my stuff just randomly blows up while im in space on 4x physics warp even if i have heat spreaders. And these things don't normally blow up in 16sec but they will blow up on 4x physics warp in 4sec.
  7. Kuroko! So I can go to space without binging the clamps with me now? Great!
  8. My actual mechjeb part,like the little thing you stick onto the sides of ships, keeps exploding for seemingly no reason. Like I'll be flying and it just blows up at random. It's always been in a fairing so far but I've had it blow up in space, shortly after I leave the pad... Is it just me doing something?
  9. So far 1.0.2 has been a lot laggier for me vs. the last version. I have a bunch of mods installed so I assume it's that but I have the same set installed on the previous version and it seemed much faster and bug free. Got lots of stuff blowing up for no apparent reason and launch clamps appearing and falling off me mid flight. Also looks like copies of my ship are being produced as debris mid flight as well.
  10. So if I make a plane with a heat shield in the front and just go mach as fast as possible... I'll try it tomorrow.
  11. But can you change the sizes on the thin ones?
  12. The stock ones could use shorter length ones that's for sure. Not sure how I feel about the endcaps.
  13. What's the advantage of using a lab over just bringing everything back to kerbin if you're only going to the moon and minimums?
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