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  1. Amazing footage of that landing...finally one without losing signal!
  2. The twitter thread linked goes into more detail on what the twitter user believes is going to happen. As a quick TL;DR though, she thinks they'll be taking it from the construction area on the green path on the bottom (State Rd. 528; there is currently evidence of this in the twitter thread. Power companies currently working on burying overhead power lines so they won't be an obstruction; could be coincidence or not...) and then offloading it onto a barge at Port Canaveral. From there it'll be placed on a barge and floated North (the purple path) on the barge to the turn basin at the launch complex (which has within the last year received refurbishment/maintenance to handle a "renewed need"). From there, it'll be removed from the barge in the turn basin and rolled the rest of the way to LC39-A using the light blue/cyan path that connects to the turn basin in the north and LC39-A.
  3. Yep, they have a big Sea Turtle rescue center down on S. Padre Island: http://www.seaturtleinc.org/ I was lucky enough to get to visit about a year ago around Christmas time.
  4. I would imagine that SpaceX will be required to restore the areas they damage or destroy back to their original state or better. Usually wetlands are pretty heavily protected, especially in ecologically important areas like S. Padre (one of the largest sea turtle spawning locations in the world).
  5. Potential good news on the Crew Dragon anomaly:
  6. Don't think this has been posted here yet, it's a giant GIF of the Center Core "landing": https://giant.gfycat.com/AcceptablePlayfulDinosaur.webm
  7. The shot of it coming out of the fog was amazing! As well as dropping back into the fog, awesome!
  8. Looks like inSight may have heard it's first Marsquake:
  9. Unconfirmed reports from a "Reliable friend at the cape" from this thread: said complete/near-complete loss of vehicle.
  10. I just got a chance to watch (missed it yesterday and been really busy so didn't have a chance to get to it until now). I noticed at ~21:01 to 21:04/21:05 in the video, something whizzes past the F9 core while it's on its way back to land. Anyone know what that was? Here's a link to the video at around that time: https://youtu.be/PhTbzc-BqKs?t=1263 It looks dark when against the blue of the planet, but almost grey when it gets into the darkness of space. Chunk of ice? Meteorite? Satellite? It moves past really quickly and doesn't really appear to come from the stage, but below it.
  11. Fairing recovery Unsuccessful due to excessive wind shear at the landing zone.
  12. In regards to your question regarding Air Force rank: https://www.federalpay.org/military/air-force/ranks Lieutenant General is an 0-9 rank whereas General is 0-10 or 1 rank higher in the Air Force.
  13. If it were me playing on console, I'd assume I'm going to lose my saves when I get the new Kerbal Space Program; the game Blitworks will be delivering appears to be an entire re-write from what was delivered by Flying Tiger (and you should be thankful of that from what I've heard). Perhaps the save structure will remain the same, but I wouldn't bet on it at all...