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  1. [1.3] SM Armory 1.3 [1.3] SM_AFVs1.3

    It's all good. I actually put up the vid not for support, but to thank you for making it! EDIT: OK, now I need a bit of help. Though not with a technical issue, per se. Any tips on Loading a VLS properly in the SPH? This has been a pain for a very long time for me. I seem unable to reliably get missiles to reliably sit in the center of the launch tubes, if I get them in to a sufficient launcher depth, they stick to the sides of the tube. I have a little idea to try out, I'll let you know how it goes. EDIT 2: My idea won't work since the missiles are not able to be a root part
  2. [1.3] SM Armory 1.3 [1.3] SM_AFVs1.3

    I revisited the DL page and rectified the issue, thanks. I'll be sure to avoid stepping on your toes in the future.
  3. [1.3] SM Armory 1.3 [1.3] SM_AFVs1.3

    I don't understand.
  4. [1.3] SM Armory 1.3 [1.3] SM_AFVs1.3

    It's a vid of the Aliens APC, as a thank you. I'm trying to upload to YT but I'm hoping it doesn't get flagged by the Copyright SS. EDIT:
  5. [1.2.2] Mil Mi-24 Hind Cockpit

    Great Thanks!
  6. [1.2.2] Mil Mi-24 Hind Cockpit

    Where'd you get those great rotors?
  7. Good Luck, @lo-fi, and thanks for all the fish!
  8. Which is why I posted it here. Your plugin, however, seems to make the treads' individual wheels bounce and move individually, so that was really cool!
  9. HYPE IN MAXIMUM OVERHYPE YES NOW HAPPYDANCE TONIGHT!!! I was poking around with the treads, it seems tweakscaled treads fall through the runway and, while properly animated, do not move. Ans non-Tweaked treads have me rolling. Seriously. Looking forward to a functional release! I'm gonna build the Landmaster from Phantasy Star IV
  10. The wing structure in vanilla Kerbz produces a downward lift force.
  11. I'm waiting for the update so I can finally fly this mess...
  12. I'd like to thank everyone for your diligent work and dedication to giving me the ability to make explosions. Oh and: I hope everyone has a great weekend!!! (BTW I can't wait for the tank treads to be updated...I wanna make mobile bases.")