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  1. If you have the manufacturing capabilities to create that much nuclear explosive material in flight, I'd question if an Orion Drive would be the most efficient method of propulsion for such technological investment. Aren't there other alternatives that are just "more advanced", like fusion/fission drives of some kind? If you want to take on an engineering challenge, I'm not sure if optimizing the Orion Drive is the one you'd pick. If we had to pick a "fictional drive" to focus on making possible I wouldn't pick a "in-flight manufactured Orion Drive". It might be great as a intern solution
  2. I can't help but shake the idea that unless it was perfectly handled, it would get some people very motion sick in a way that isn't really possible on Earth. The ground itself would feel like its in motion... dear god.
  3. something as simple as drawing a curved line in 3D space = complex math + code You got me XD
  4. I'm not sure if its possible within the laws of physics to have a nuclear explosion of some kind without radiation. If there is, I'd assume the complexity is way beyond what we could harness and I also would assume there would be easier methods to getting to orbit making an SSTO concept moot. (Space Elevator anyone?)
  5. First lets assume the laws surrounding exploding nukes in space are removed for arguments sake. Next, we can also assume all the nuclear fuel you need to detonate is available and there is no risk in its existence, as the threat of just having a bunch of nukes lying around is a problem in itself, let alone putting them all in one place on top of a freaken rocket. This would have insane geopolitical issues, but I'll brush all of that aside and focus on the rocket itself. Finally, I'll also assume a few technical challenges are thrown out, like the physics of the pusher plate, or the e
  6. The Tie Defender? This was built, just later as it exists in SW Squadrons, which is a cannon game. Its very possible Palps was too busy focusing on the big guns rather than focusing on what would of been more tactically important technologies. Then again, the traditional Empire only lasted a few decades, and didn't exactly have the best tactics overall.
  7. Hyper Space tracking was mentioned in Rogue one, with the implications it was being researched, but not yet available. I also wouldn't be able to understand how cost is a concern if the Empire can afford to build two freaken Death Stars, but can't afford to find the Rebels who always run via hyperspace. Intelligence wins wars! The simplest reason super fast space travel exists is the same reason editing exists. No one cares about unimportant events occurring that isn't impactful of the plot. Sure it can be a useful plot mechanic itself (relativity is a fun thing to play around) but
  8. In my experience of building functional "stock starship" that actually uses MK3 parts rather than fairings I've found the best approach is relying on Breaking Ground's robotic parts for belly flop aerodynamic control. If you don't have access to those parts the next best thing is RCS/Verner spam and minimal flight control surfaces. Air-brakes have heating issues making them impractical for handling anything but final decent control.
  9. That's good to know. I remember that book vaguely, where I remember the ending, and the main character the most, which should be ok to move onto other books in the series if need be. Thanks for letting me know about not-rereading it ^.^
  10. The KS-25 engine primary purpose is to support essentially "asymmetric first-stage to orbit systems" via its massive gimbal, atmosphere performance and high thrust. The KS-25 is one of the few parts that is essentially designed around a specific build, which is a STS stack "replica", with 3 of these engines and 2 S2-33 SRBs. Nerfing the engine's thrust would mean such a setup's thrust drops significantly, forcing you to engineer around the systems lack of thrust beyond the SRBs. Right now such a stack is very forgiving, due to the gimbal on the engines, giving you a lot of leeway on wher
  11. Or it was aliens I watched a youtube video that got me closer to a "ooohh" moment for how these new findings impact our current understanding. So I feel less "lost" on the topic.
  12. I actually read that book a few years back and have it on my bookshelf. I don't think there were any sequels available when I read it, but I'll keep an eye out and maybe re-read the original book to refresh my mind a bit. I might of just not looked very hard into it haha.
  13. I'm too used to using text-editors rather than rich-text-editors with all the fancy bells and whistles ;D
  14. Just a quick update, I finished book 2 (The Dark Forest) and started on book 3 (Death's End) of the Three Body Problem series. I agree with reviews that say book 2 starts slow, but really picks up. So far book 3 has a great pace from the start, which I think is a good thing because its 600 pages lol. Regardless, book 2's ending blew my mind.
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