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  1. So I've returned to KSP modding after quite some time and as it turns out CKAN got more cluttered than ever. Wrote a small very hacky kerbal plugin to declutter my mod list and thought maybe someone else got the same problem and could make use of it. Usage Just download the dll somewhere, add it as CKAN plugin and you'll be able to hide mods from all filters by right clicking them and chosing hide. There's also a new filter in the filter list that will list all hidden mods. Download Source Enjoy your clutter free CKAN list
  2. Hi,

    I may be willing to take over your old PartCatalog mod, but I would need the latest code for the 3.0RC version.

    Can you upload it to Github?

  3. To get this straight out of the box I won't update the current PartCatalog codebase, would be just madness to try and merge it in the new stock editor. But after playing with 0.90 a bit I'll need some solution for this stock mess and was pretty much the same reason I started PartCatalog. I can't promise anything especially not fast but I will probably work on this issue and if it ends up as something remotely usable I'll make sure to let you know. Guess I'll spend the evening digging through the new stock editor stuff and see whether I can shape it into something useful.
  4. Yea not only that, custom filtering by modules and the like as well, so quite the big feature intersection. I do wonder whether the PartCatalog was inspiration behind that and if it indeed was whether they'd ever acknowledge that. One way or another, lets see what the new version brings, but I guess that means PartCatalog is EoL then.
  5. Well it's not dead dead, the core groundwork is done so far, all that's missing now is building a proper standard library and general polishing, both ui and some features. Depending on the course flight computer takes I might or might not continue working on this myself. Edit: regarding Lua ksp projects there was one that tried turning kos in a language independent framework and there was a Lua implementation in development. Jebnix if I recall right
  6. Well first of all I have some ideas how the whole system could work with references to parts of your vessel, which could in turn allow for dynamic mod independant control of certain part features (Selene has allows for this in order to control individual engines if needed, trigger pretty allow anything else you can do with both context menu and action groups. Then there's always room for improvement with the general UI, both on the visuals and user experience sides. Also got some ideas for further Nodes, and general improvement for the nodes, like dynamic in/out lists, both to clean up nodes l
  7. My my so when you go into hiding for a few months all out of sudden you start missing out on the nicer mods. Looks really lovely already, I'd love to contribute my time to this one, especially since it pretty much gives my half finished Selene (KSP Lua interpreter) a run for it's money. If that's something that would appreciated give me a shout over at Steam, so maybe we can coordinate on that.
  8. Just had time to test it very quickly as I'm pretty busy with university right now, but the newly released RC8 should fix support for 0.25. Please keep me posted on any troubles that arise with 0.25 and RC8.
  9. Nice compact little widget, if you want to make sure it works with other mods that work with the partlist you should use the ExcludeFilters provided by the EditorPartList, instead of messing with the PartList directly. private bool MyFilterFunction(AvailablePart part) { return someCustomPartIsVisibleFunction(part) } EditorPartListFilter PartFilter = new EditorPartListFilter("MyPartFilter", MyFilterFunction); EditorPartList.Instance.ExcludeFilters.AddFilter(PartFilter);
  10. Yea you probably confuse that one, nothing in here sending usage or any other data anywhere. The KSPLua folder contains my own plugin that allows me to use lua (a scripting language) for defining those categories for future game versions, mods and the like in an expandable way without having to update the main plugin in any way. The next big release (After I finally got Version 3 stable, found a few nasty bugs still so that might a take a bit) will include an optional online repository that allows you to download compability scripts and icons for mods from inside KSP.
  11. First problem sounds very strange, even though there's no crash log there should still be the normal output log that gets written while ksp is running, might provide some insight if you could upload the last dozen or so lines. Second problem should be fixable using the maximum tags per page option in the settings menu, you can set a maximum number of tags per sub group there if you have more it starts separating them by initials
  12. No not at all, that one error came up a few times already and happens all the time. NLua can't be directly loaded as a KSP addon but is then loaded as the PartCatalog references it.
  13. That seems very unlikely as the change of RC7 was merely changing a few values to properly fit the GUI. The 64 bit version of KSP seems very unstable in general as it seems to randomly crash when allocating resources. The button with the magnifying glass should fulfill just that purpose.
  14. Another fixed version just for you, grab it from the front page. GUI is now adapted for 0.24.2, also should fix those lua5.2 not found errors (was an old assembly version in there)
  15. Sorry for the delay guys, kinda busy at the moment. I just finished packing up RC6 which should fix most of the troubles you guys had with lua scripts making it impossible to use the catalog with certain mods as well as fixing visibility for experimental parts. Due to new lua library structure this release requires a clean installation so make sure to delete your partcatalog folder before installing it. Hopefully this is the last RC for 3.0 and as soon as 3.0 is stable I will focus on two other mod projects as well (for a total of four then), so new feature releases will probably be slower tha
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