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  1. Most of them. There are very few satellites with foldable antennae. TDRS is one that uses foldable antennae.
  2. Can this output x-y values for the generated graph?
  3. That is the way the stock radiators work, they take heat from any part that is over a threshold. No heat transfer failure.
  4. I think we may have been arguing different things with different definitions of "active transport". Mine is transporting heat against a thermal gradient. Your's is controlably transporting heat. Captain Siera's is requiring a module to transport heat.
  5. As DMagic asked in the Scansat thread, which scansat contract pack are you using? This or the lite pack?
  6. I'd argue that that isn't active heat transport but high conduction passive transport with a limit.
  7. Indeed. More fully SR only recovers things when they are deleted by KSP. If they aren't deleted they aren't recovered.
  8. Actually the opposite. HC radiators actively pump heat into radiators (radiators can be hotter than source parts) but passively radiate. Stock parts passively suck heat from source parts (though over long distances) and passively radiate heat.
  9. Yes, it's likely that you are missing the poles and just don't realise there is a gray band there that is actually scanable.
  10. He means that fast and far are completely different. The sound can travel very quickly rapidly attenuate and can travel very slowly but travel great distances.
  11. Not exactly a direct indication though is it. "Ahh, that Kerbal has about 75% stupidity and 50% bravery because he is looks moderately unworried while pulling 5Gs." doesn't really happen.
  12. I believe they consolidated them with ports. Either way probably best to ask in the KAS thread.
  13. Better to ask that in http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/121176-Official-FAR-Craft-Repository They will also need more information, at the very minimum the various graphs.
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