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  1. I recently read (well, listened to) a quite good book by Stephen Moss. It originally caught my eye because the narrator was RC Bray, the guy who did the excellent narration of The Martian. Its is a hard science fiction novel about aliens invading Earth (I know how weird that sounds. Moss makes it work). I recommend listening to the audiobook, because RC Bray is as excellent here as he was in the Martian.
  2. That would be nice! I can rig up something in Python to make up some nice looking records from JSONs and images.
  3. Hey! Thanks for making this, its an incredibly good idea. I have a question: is it possible for this to be used offline? I don't have the best internet at the best of times, and my upload speed is horrendous. Perhaps it can generate the .htmls in a local directory?
  4. Ermahgerd this seems awesome. I'm going to try and host a KSP event in our college with this now. Any way you could support Real Fuels?
  5. Didn't work. I initially installed via CKAN, later, deleted the mod and installed it from Kerbal Stuff. Neither worked. I'm running 1.0.4 currently
  6. I'm just getting a small dot in my screen when I open up 64K, no KSC (see image). Any ideas? http://imgur.com/eXlDwA9
  7. guitarxe: It seems that RO doesn't install RSS with CKAN, I set up my RO install today and had the same issue. I seem to be having a lot of stuttering with the new release. Every second or so the game pauses for a split second and then resumes. This is with the two part craft I was testing my install with.
  8. Looks like you may need a bit of help getting the Stock configs. I have tons of free time at the moment seeing as I just got out of school, and I play Stock as well as RO, so I have some experience in both environments. If you could point me to some documentation of the config, I could whip up a stock config and push it to the git.
  9. Are the mean times between failure in stock supposed to be either ~50 minutes or 111 minutes? I was testing the stock version of TestFlight, and that's what I'm getting atm. I remember the last time I did RO, I had failures in seconds rather than hours. Any ideas on what I'm doing wrong?
  10. I have some leftovers from past Humble Bundles as well. I guess I'll do a giveaway soon. (ME2, some Company of Heroes game, Sims 3, etc)
  11. OK, this happened a minute ago on Steam chat- Me: BTW, at 6:30 today, there'll be a pad abort test for the SpaceX Dragon 2 capsule Friend: ???means Me: wat Me: its a test to see how aborting works Me: on the launch pad Me: hence, pad abort test Friend: is it like free game?
  12. Can you add options to disable the map warnings and the audio warnings?
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