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    Space related novels to read?

    I recently read (well, listened to) a quite good book by Stephen Moss. It originally caught my eye because the narrator was RC Bray, the guy who did the excellent narration of The Martian. Its is a hard science fiction novel about aliens invading Earth (I know how weird that sounds. Moss makes it work). I recommend listening to the audiobook, because RC Bray is as excellent here as he was in the Martian.
  2. That would be nice! I can rig up something in Python to make up some nice looking records from JSONs and images.
  3. Hey! Thanks for making this, its an incredibly good idea. I have a question: is it possible for this to be used offline? I don't have the best internet at the best of times, and my upload speed is horrendous. Perhaps it can generate the .htmls in a local directory?
  4. FanaticalFighter

    [1.0.4] Houston v.1.0.0 - A Mission Control UI for Telemachus!

    Ermahgerd this seems awesome. I'm going to try and host a KSP event in our college with this now. Any way you could support Real Fuels?
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    KScale64 v1.2.2 16th April 2017

    Didn't work. I initially installed via CKAN, later, deleted the mod and installed it from Kerbal Stuff. Neither worked. I'm running 1.0.4 currently
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    KScale64 v1.2.2 16th April 2017

    I'm just getting a small dot in my screen when I open up 64K, no KSC (see image). Any ideas?
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    [1.1.2] Realism Overhaul v11.0.0 May 8

    guitarxe: It seems that RO doesn't install RSS with CKAN, I set up my RO install today and had the same issue. I seem to be having a lot of stuttering with the new release. Every second or so the game pauses for a split second and then resumes. This is with the two part craft I was testing my install with.
  8. K, I'm beginning work on it.
  9. Looks like you may need a bit of help getting the Stock configs. I have tons of free time at the moment seeing as I just got out of school, and I play Stock as well as RO, so I have some experience in both environments. If you could point me to some documentation of the config, I could whip up a stock config and push it to the git.
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    The Number War: Count to 100 or -100

    -15 Join the dark side
  11. Are the mean times between failure in stock supposed to be either ~50 minutes or 111 minutes? I was testing the stock version of TestFlight, and that's what I'm getting atm. I remember the last time I did RO, I had failures in seconds rather than hours. Any ideas on what I'm doing wrong?
  12. FanaticalFighter

    Steam Key Giveaway! *gone*

    I have some leftovers from past Humble Bundles as well. I guess I'll do a giveaway soon. (ME2, some Company of Heroes game, Sims 3, etc)
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    What Are Things You've Heard That Made You Facepalm?

    OK, this happened a minute ago on Steam chat- Me: BTW, at 6:30 today, there'll be a pad abort test for the SpaceX Dragon 2 capsule Friend: ???means Me: wat Me: its a test to see how aborting works Me: on the launch pad Me: hence, pad abort test Friend: is it like free game?
  14. I usually do a few solves of my Rubik's Cube while waiting.
  15. FanaticalFighter

    [1.0.x] HeatWarning

    Can you add options to disable the map warnings and the audio warnings?
  16. FanaticalFighter

    A very special gift from Shapeways! (Ended)

    I'm in! Let's hope I can win. Good luck everyone!
  17. FanaticalFighter

    Ask a stupid question, Get a stupid answer back.

    Silence. What is magic, and how do I use it?
  18. FanaticalFighter

    The Number War: Count to 100 or -100

    I shall protect future members of the negative team by taking that burden upon myself: 28
  19. FanaticalFighter

    Open Source Space Program: Collaborative exploration of space with kOS

    So, we have our first mission! I say we, but unfortunately, no one else has contributed so far. Anyway, here it is: Source, save file, and crafts are on github.
  20. Open Source Space Program Exploring the universe for fun and profit This will be (or at least, I hope this will be) a collaborative Space Program with automated vessels if unmanned, or fly-by-wire systems for manned flights. I won't be doing career mode, as I can't find any tech tree which conforms to what I want to do with this, so this'll be done in Sandbox mode. However, I will be starting small, mostly because I don't know a lot about kOS and I want to keep a realistic progression of flights. Because all this will be open source, anyone can contribute (see github page below) and submit ideas for future missions, improve code for upcoming planned missions and helping plan the trajectories and procedures for upcoming missions (using KSPTOT.) Maybe, together, we can actually learn some kOS. Here are the mods that are almost definitely going to be in: kOS RemoteTech Procedural Fairings NEAR Deadly Re-entry TACLS Procedural Parts - makes the rockets easier to build and keeps the part count low Things we need: A logo, because all space programs must have a spiffy logo Moar contributers Check github for more jobs If you are interested in participating/collaborating with me on this project, hit me up here or on the git: Missions Pathfinder 1 - First satellite launch
  21. FanaticalFighter

    Open Source Space Program: Collaborative exploration of space with kOS

    So, new update. I have had to take over the creation of the launch vehicle, because the guy who was doing it has kind of disappeared. Anyway, so I managed to write a script that launches rockets into a 100km circular orbit. I've tested it with a couple of rockets in NEAR, check it out, will you? Its on the git.
  22. FanaticalFighter

    The Number War: Count to 100 or -100

    I'll join the dark side. 28
  23. FanaticalFighter

    The last invention we'll ever make.

    Oooh, more people actually read waitbutwhy. I'm not alone, then yay! I'm one of those people who side more on the optimistic side than the pessimistic side when it comes to the AI revolution, mostly because when we actually get the AGI, we can use said AGI for research of all kinds, and using technology to research more technology on its own is the kind of technology-ception that can take us to the next revolution (similiar to the difference made in our lives by computers, at the very least, but on a much shorter timescale.) Of course, AGI's which can research stuff on their own can also research ASI's, and I have no way of knowing what'll happen then, but I hope that this ASI will also be helpful.
  24. FanaticalFighter

    Open Source Space Program: Collaborative exploration of space with kOS

    @JAD_Interplanetary: You don't need to know kOS to contribute. We also need crafts, mission plans and ideas. Anyway, I figure this is time for an update. I'm currently working on the satellite for our low kerbin communications network, while another guy is working on a launch vehicle for said satellites. Of course, before the satellite launch we'll be testing the launch vehicle with smaller missions.
  25. FanaticalFighter

    [1.3] kOS Scriptable Autopilot System v1.1.3.0

    Hey guys! I've started a new collaborative project called Open Source Space Program, to which anyone can contribute code/craft/plans/ideas. Is anyone interested in joining? See link in my signature, or go to the github page here: